was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


2. the meeting

Nathan's Pov

I was in my  flat sleeping when I heard my phone ringing it was Nano. I answered it.

phone call between Nano and Nathan. Nathan is in bold writing and Nano isn't.

"hello Nano, what do you want?"

"go down to scoters office now and meet the boys there"

"ok but what time is it Nano?"

"it is 6:30am and you have to be there at 7am"

"but it takes 30 minutes to get to scoter's office and im not even dressed"

"too bad you should have thought of that when you went drinking with your mate Stephan and don't be late bye"

phone call ended

"shit" I mutter to myself. I grabbed some clothes and ran into the kitchen and grabbed an apple while trying to put my shoes on. 1 minute later I was on the road eating my apple and driving to scoters office. 29 minutes later I made it into the parking lot now I just have to park and make it into the office. I was running into the office at full speed until I came to scoters office and I walked in and sat down. I was breathing heavily, "you ok mate" tom asked me "I ran up ten flights of stairs to get here on time, did I make it" I told "yea its only seven we were supposed to be here at ten past seven" he said back to me. omg im gonna kill Nano, "Nano told me to be here at seven sharp" I told him "he told all of us that but max and jay aren't here yet but its usually you that isn't here. how was your night out with Stephen" he said "hahaha I know, it was great but now I have a hangover. I got home at 6am." I said, just as Tom was about to answer scooter, max and jay walked in. finally. the meeting was just about random stuff I didn't pay attention to because I was half sleep then scooter said that the wanted could go to Spain on holiday and bring someone and I had someone in mind. ~meetings over and Nathan runs out the door and into his car and goes home~ I ran into my apartment building and called nikki. I asked her if she would like to go to Spain with me and she answered (after a long pause) "my brother said yes but if you hurt me you are dead and no one will stop him" and I told her that we leave in two days and she hung up.

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