was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


7. revenge

Louis' Pov

we need to get nikki and Nathan, so i got liam to siva because they met in London and became friends but kept it a secret from us until we saw it on the news the next day. "liam, are they up to it" i shouted up the stairs to him and he shouted "yes they are, they will be round later to discuss it". i decided to go to my room and played COD (call of duty to people who don't know) ~two hours later~ i was getting shook awake from niall "c'mon Lou the wanted are here" he said and i jumped up and ran downstairs "someone is excited to us" tom laughed. "right guys lets get to business" max said but the doorbell rang "ill get it" said zayn "hi Eleanor what brings you here" zayn says really loudly "quick guys hide upstairs but not my room" i said and they ran upstairs "zayn let her in" harry said while sat on the couch and turned the tv on, "hey babe, did i hear the wanted" el said "nope it was just the tv but i turned it off because you know i despise them" i told her making a lie up on the spot. "you sure babe" she asked me "yea why wouldn't i be" i asked her she shrugged and sat down on the couch beside me "im going to my room" said liam after  while and the others said they'll join him. "why are you guys acting so weird, this time no lies Lou" she said "fine the wanted are here but only because we are getting revenge on nikki and Nathan" i told her while pulling her up the stairs "boys el knows the wanted are here and why" i shouted walking down the hall trying to figure out where they are "jeez Lou you don't have to shout" niall said from his room.

Nikki's Pov

"nath i have a feeling that the boys are gonna get revenge on us" i said we were in Starbucks "yea i know that they boys, i just hope they gang up on us with your brother and his friends" Nathan said back to me while hiding his head. "c'mon nath lets go home" i said, and we went back to his car and got in. "babe do you want to go home to your house and get your stuff" Nathan asked me (there was a change of plan to go on holiday we are going tonight instead of morning) "sure thing". my phone started ringing

phone call between nikki and liam, N~ nikki L~ liam

L~ nik are you on your way home

N~ just coming up the drive, why

L~ no reason ill see you when you come in the door

N~ bye then

phone call ended

Liam's Pov

"guys nikki is just about to come in the door, the wanted leave through the back because i think he is with her" i shouted up to the boys next thing i heard was running down the stairs and out the back just as nikki walked in, "boys im home with Nathan, we are going up to my room" she shouted and i waved at her and sat down on the couch.

Louis' Pov

finally i get to see nikki's face when she walks into her room.

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