was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


6. pranks and fun with one direction and the wanted (part 2)

Nathan's Pov

we got in the car and drove off to max's house because that's where everyone else is "how are we gonna get the lads out of the house" i asked nikki "tell them to go out for lunch and shove them out the door and wink at me to come in when they're gone" she said. we got there and i went up to the door and walked in "nath you're here" jay said and hugged me "guys why don't you go and get some lunch and ill stay here and watch tv" i said "okay we'll be back soon then" tom said "no boys take your time ok" i heard mutters of okays and sures and they walked out the door i waited for them to drive off before winking at nikki. she saw me and got out of the car and she ran up to the door "we only got  ten minutes" she said "why" i asked "because siva has a date with nareesha in 15 minutes that's why, now lets go" she said while pulling me upstairs to prank the boys~ ten minutes later~ the door opened and tom shouted "where you nath" "in my room" i shouted back i grabbed nikki's hand and ran downstairs with her "who's the chick nath" max asked "she's my girlfriend nikki and we are off on our date now goodbye" i said and we left.

Tom's Pov

Nathan was acting really strange so i went up to my room because when he acts like this it means he pranked us. when i walked into my room i saw my room was spray painted with 'i love one direction' "omg Nathan is so dead" i shouted "why tom" max asked "because look what he did" i said and the others went into their rooms and shouted "Nathan is dead"

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