was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


5. pranks and fun with one direction and the wanted (part 1)

Nikki's Pov

me and Nathan were gonna prank my brother and his friends and then we are gonna prank his friends. we were getting supplies in the kitchen and all over the house after we got everything we went to the shop to see if we find some more stuff for pranking, we also got some water guns to surprize attack them. "hey babe, are you gonna tell Louis about us" Nathan asked me while we headed to my house to get the boys "yea i am just after we prank them so we can show them that we are a great team" i told him. we finally got to my house i told Nathan to wait there so i could see if the boys were there and they were, Nathan saw that i was talking to niall so he ducked down in the car. "niall have you had breakfast yet" i asked him and he said "nope Louis was waiting for you to come home" and we walked into the house "hey guys im home" i shouted and i heard Louis shout yes from upstairs then footsteps coming down the stairs at full step "embrace for impact nik" niall said to me "ino niall, i lived with Louis for my whole life, ino what to do" i told him, the next minute was spent by dodging Louis, liam, zayn and harry with niall with his mouth open. "niall close your mouth, you'll catch flies" i said and he closed his mouth, "hey baby sis" Louis said "Lou im not your baby sister anymore im 18" i said and he said "ino and im 21 and im responsible for you" "yea, yea, anyway why don't you guys go out for breakfast. and before you say anything Lou i already had breakfast with my friend" and before they could refuse i pushed them out the door. i watched them get into the car and drive off.

Nathan's Pov

after ten minutes i saw nikki push the boys out and they walked into their car and drove away then nikki was telling me it was safe so i grabbed the stuff and ran into the house. ~20 minutes later~ the front door opened "nikki we're home" Louis shouted from downstairs "be right down Lou" nikki shouted back "are we gonna tell them" i asked her "yea but wait here in my room and ill call you when its safe to come down" she told me.

Louis' Pov

nikki was coming down the stairs. and asked if we could sit in the sitting room. "guys im dating someone" nikki says to us "who" asks harry and zayn at the same time "well..." she says uncertain "spit it out nikki" i said "Nathan Sykes from the wanted" she says looking down from me "nikki are you happy with him" i asked her "yes" she says "then you can date him but if he hurts you he's dead deal" i said joking "yay. Nath you can come down now, it safe" she shouted. he came in and muttered something to her and she muttered back "change of plan" i could read Nikki's mouth "what plan" i said "nothing" they both said "we are going now bye" nikki said and they left. i went upstairs to my room and saw that everything was covered in bubble wrap and tin foil "nikki is dead" i shouted and the boys ran upstairs "why Louis" niall asked "why don't you go to your rooms to find out" (we all live in the same house) "aaaahhh" i heard the boys scream so i went into the sitting room and called the bots for a meeting "does anyone know where Nathan lives" i asked them "nope but ill find out by following nikki when she is going to his house" niall said "sure now we need to get revenge on them and to fix our rooms. anyway we are going to Simon's office in an hour so lets get cleaning" i said.

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