was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


9. living with the wanted for 12 months

Nikki's Pov

i grabbed my suitcase out of the car when we arrived at the airport "babe you ready to go" Nathan whispered into my ear, "yea babe" i whispered back "get a room" jay shouted because everyone was hugging their girlfriends and jay was single "awww jay we'll find someone for you" i said to jay and gave him a hug and then went to walk beside Nathan. "that was very nice what you said to jay but the boys wont help. but ill help you to find him a girlfriend" Nathan said "they will help if they know what's best for them" i told him. we were waiting for a good hour when big kev walked up to and said the flight was here we got up and walked to the private jet. "omg Nathan this is huge" i gasped really shocked and Nathan was there laughing his head off while the others were fighting over a chair and i just walked over and sat on it and Nathan joined me while laughing "hey! we were fighting over that seat" max shouted just then big kev came in and said "boys Nikki and Nathan are there now find a different seat without fighting" the next minute the boys were all sitting down. the plane took off and i fell asleep.

Nathan's Pov

nikki was very cute when she was sleeping but i had to wake her up because we were in Spain now "babe its time to wake up" i said softly hoping to wake her up but didn't work "max give me back my phone" tom shouted chasing max around the plane and nikki woke up and screamed "BOYS GIVE TOM HIS PHONE BACK NOW" everyone froze and Kelsey gave tom his phone back "NOW SIT DOWN UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO GET" she screamed again "now you know not to get on nikki's bad side guys" i said when everyone sat down "how come you didn't get scared when she screamed at us" tom asked me "because i didn't do anything and i saw her shouting at a man on the street who stole her bag" i told them then big kev came in and told us we can get off the plane now. we did and went to our hotel and me nikki went straight to bed.

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