was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


8. leaving with nathan

Nathan' Pov

we went up to nikki's room and she screamed "Louis you are fucking dead, you better run!!! you too boys!!!". i just stood there and laughed at her while she ran after Louis and the others and then i saw tom's hoody "guys was the guys here because tom's hoody is here" i shouted while nikki was chasing them around the house "tom was here looking for you and he needed to use the bathroom" Louis shouted back i knew he was lying because tom rarely uses the bathroom. so i grabbed nikki's suitcase and went downstairs and waited for her.

Nikki's Pov

i finally pined down Louis, "just wait til i get back with Nathan" i said. "where are going with him" he asked me "I'm going on holiday with him remember and on tour so that will give me time to plot my revenge or let you go free. now bye" i said and left with Nathan.

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