was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


1. just a normal day

Nikki's Pov

today my Louis is coming home from tour in America. I was in my room getting ready for work (my boss wouldn't let me take the day off :( ). while I was getting I was listening to we cant stop by Miley Cyrus. I like the song and I used like her but she has changed. once I was finished getting I got into my mini cooper that Louis got me for my birthday, when I arrived at Katie (my boss) walked up to me and said "your working at the till today" I replied "sure thing Katie" I walked over to the till  and waited for the first costumer. ten minutes later the opened and there stood the wanted, I tried to hide my fangirling but I think Nathan saw me and winked at me. the boys sat down and after a few minutes Nathan came up to order.

Nathan's Pov

when I walked into Starbucks I saw a girl at the till and saw that she was trying to hide her fangirling but failed so I winked at her. we went down and sat at a table in the back, I asked the boys what they wanted, they all wanted hot chocolate so I went up to get them because I wanted to talk to the girl.

conversation between Nathan and Nikki. Nikki is in bold writing and Nathan isn't

"hello my name is Nikki, what can get you?"

"hi Nikki im Nathan, can I have five hot chocolates please and your number" (I know cheeky)

"sure thing but im not sure about my number because my brother hates you"

"who's your brother? he'll never know please"

"ok ill write it on your cup and ill bring it down to you"

"ok how would that be?"

"£25 please"

"here you go, keep the change and buy yourself one because its cold outside"


conversation over

I walked back over to the lads. "what took you so long mate" max asked "just talking to a girl" I said back to him "oooh lil nath  has a crush on somebody" tom said in a girly voice "shut up tom" I said. a little while later Nikki came with our drinks, she gave them to us separately but when she gave me mine she winked at me. I saw that she had put her number on the cup like said she would.

Tom's Pov

when Nathan came back I could see that he had  a crush on the girl at the till. when this girl brought our drinks down and gave them to us she winked at Nathan when she gave him his. I saw Nathan had his phone out doing something, "hey nath what are you doing" I asked "just sending a message mate" he said without looking at me. well then ill leave it at that.

Nikki's Pov

I gave the wanted their drinks and when I was walking back to the counter but my boss called me over and said that I could go home. I thanked her and got my bag and left. when I got into my car my phone beeped twice. once from Louis telling me he is at home and he'll see me later, and the other from Nathan, I know that because he said ~hey its Nathan~ I replied "hey nath what's up~. he didn't reply for ten minutes , but when he did I was at my house and I told him ill talk later because im home and my brother is too.

Louis' Pov

I was watching TV when the doorbell rang 'who the fuck is that' I thought to myself I opened the door to see my wonderful little sister. "NIKKI I MISSED YOU SO MUCH " I screamed "yes Lou ino you did but please stop shouting because we have a new neighbour with a baby who goes to bed for his nap now" she said sternly and I just laughed. just then her phone beeped and she smiled "who is it, is it a boy?" I asked and she said "don't worry Louis your the only boy in my life apart from a boy I met today at work" I looked at her and she said that she is going to her watch tv. after a few hours we went to bed when I went into my room I saw that it was clean "nikki what did you do to my room" I demanded "I cleaned it because Simon was coming over to see if you were looking after me properly" she laughed at me "didn't he mention it to you" she said to me "nope not a word" I said and she said "hahaha well goodnight Lou"

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