was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


13. hanging with nath n nikki

Tom's Pov

My phone was ringing and I saw it was Amrit

~phone call between tom and Amrit~

A~ hey

T~ hey do you want to go out on a date tonight

A~ I'd love to

T~ pick ya up at seven and wear something nice

~ phone call over~

I can't believe I did that, I finally asked her out on proper date. "Mate we are going out for breakfast want to join" I heard Nathan say behind me "sure just let me get dressed" "we'll be in the kitchen.hurry or we'll leave without u " Nikki joked. "Hahaha very funny" I replied and ran upstairs to get my clothes, I threw on a pair of jeans and a top I robbed off max when I stayed at his house. i ran back into the kitchen "about time tom we were about to come upstairs and get you" nath said with Nikki standing behind him with a water gun "seriously guys a water gun" i said laughing "yupp  now get out the door before i use it" Nikki said. we went out to the car 

Nathan's Pov

We all got into the car and I noticed that Tom got into the back and he banged his because he wasn't watching what he was doing and i burst out laughing at him. "Mate it hurt it's not funny" Tom said turning red "so mate who ya texting" I asked after I finally stopped laughing "a friend" he answered back and I decided to leave it. We stopped for brekie and then went to the cinema and saw 'the fault in our stars' I don't think I ever saw Tom cry so much in my life, or nikki or in fact I don't think I cried so much either

(Soz it isn't very long its just a filler for the next chappie love yahs)

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