was it just a dream (slow updates)

Nikki Tomlinson was just a normal girl working in Starbucks and met Nathan Sykes. What happens when they start dating???


10. a day with nathan

Nathan' Pov 

 i asked big kev if i could spend the day with Nikki and he said yes so i decided to make breakfast for Nikki but ended burning it and the smoke alarms going off, and the boys running down the stairs making me laugh. i saw Nikki coming down the stairs very slowly because she knew that i cant cook for my life "nath why did you cook food, we all know you cant cook" tom said putting on a pair tracksuit bottoms "because i wanted to" i screamed and grabbed Nikki's arm and pulled her up the stairs "nath what are you doing" Nikki asked me while i was trying to find me and her something to wear "you're spending the day with me" i told her and she grabbed her clothes off me and ran to take a shower. 

~ten minutes later~ 

i was on my phone scrolling twitter when Nikki walked out. we went downstairs and went pass the boys "where are you guys going" jay asked because the others were asleep "nath is surprising me today" Nikki said and i winked at jay "oh right, have fun guys" jay said. i took her to a beach that i knew that no fans would find us. we finally got there and my phone rang and it was scooter. 

phone call between nathan and scooter. Nathan is in bold. 

hi scooter wat do ya want 

ive been told that u have a girlfriend 

not yet i haven't asked her to be it yet  

oh ok. but when u do id like to meet her 

sure whatever got to go bye

and i hung up after that. "wake up babez" i gently shook her "what happened where am i"  she said panicking like crazy, "babez its ok, i woke u up because we are at the beach" she calmed down and walked out of the car. i went to get us some drinks while Nikki found somewhere to sit. "babe you ok" i said when i came closer  to her "yea, im fine i just thought i saw someone i knew" she told me and we sat down on the blanket. a few hours pass and we wake up "hey babe do you want to be my girlfriend" i asked her very quietly "yes nath, id love too" and we went home to my flat. 

Tom's Pov 

nathan and Nikki have been gone a long time and we couldn't get hold of Nathans phone but then nano came in "where's nath, scooter wants us all to come to his office" "hes out on a date" nano muttered very quietly. he left us for a girl. 

Nikki's Pov 

nathan went to the toilet and his phone started to ring and i answered it 

phone call between tom and Nikki tom isn't in bold and Nikki is


nath where the fuck are you 

nathan went to the bathroom, im Nikki 

oh sorry Nikki. can you tell nathan to go to scooter's office and we'll meet him there. 

sure thing, bye now


phone call ended 

some one covered my eyes and said "guess who" and knew who it was "erm lil nath" i said "correct" i told him that we need to go scooters now so he picked me up and ran to the car. we finally got there and we walked in, i got to spend with my boyfriend. 

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