One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..



JULIE POV- I was screaming and running from him, and his gang. and then i hit. hit a tree i was Screaming. And shaking. then i woke up to louis shaking me. i started crying. "Shhhhh. its okay." 

"My dream was about.. him. he was following us on the plane for the tour."

 "okay.. today were all going uptown to go to a fake zombie apocalypse. With everyone. Wanna go?" he asked "Sure." 

*1 hour later* we packed and stuff. were gonna be there for a week. okay.. were in the car ready to leave and go kill zombies!! WHOO

2 days later 

Were in our tent we made to protect us from zombies!! Whoo yay! i put paint on me and louis face. and if we get attacked by zombies and die... they carry you back and turn you into a zombie. its only me, louis, harry, niall, and liam. lexie, allison and rachel died. 4 more days to go!!


 3 days later

its just me louis and niall. We can do this!!.. niall is half dead so its kinda me and louis. we killed everyone! we are boss. "LOUIS!!" i screamed as louis got pulled away. it was niall and Lexie and another guy who pulled him away. one more night.. you can do it.. i didn't sleep. not after they took away my husband!!! one more week till tour! i was in a tree waiting until morning. i saw louis as a zombie below me. What do i do.!!!?? i was crazy now. so i shot him. 

 in the morning i heard the announcer say i won.. WOOOOOOOOOO!! and they came and found me. i won a  50$ on a gift card to target. so i spent it all on star bucks in target. (mine does) and got everyone star bucks! 


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