One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


23. Yupparooogalaj!

Louis POV-

My and Julie we cuddling on the sofa then everyone slides in on the wood floor with socks on

With gangnam style on in the back round.

"What the.." Julie said.

I face palmed my self.

"So anyway. Louis you know anything about the baby shower?" Julie asked.

"YEAH WHEN IS THAT ANYWAY?!" rachel yelled


Julie POV-

I was actually wanting to know when that was. but then I got up to eat something. start of baby preggo probs. Ugh. My baby bump isn't showing yet but it will.


2 Months Later.!!!

Liam POV-

Me and the boys went to the mall to get baby stuff for Julie & louis.

Allison POV- 

Me and the girls besides julie, we went to target to get baby stuff for julie and louis.

Julie POV- Me and Louis were watching 'Love Actually' while everyone was out.

oh no; i ran to the bathroom and threw up. Louis came right after he heard me groan.

After that louis cleaned me up and i went to bed. 

at 3 or so i woke up again!- 

My belly hurt so i got food- NOPE!~ it was the other way around. I was giving BACK food.

someone must of heard me be cause some one was holding up my hair.

"Shh its ok.." zayn said. he got up and left- wait he came back with a towel 

"Here" he handed me the towel and i wiped my mouth he walked me back to bed and tucked me in and i fell asleep without anymore distractions.

~3 months later (5 months preggo)~

Today was the baby shower!!!

i was out with louis, shopping. Now my baby bump was really showing.

we payed for our items and left.

when we got home it was all set up nice for the b shower.




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