One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


3. Uh Oh...

 Louis Pov- "Mates, We have to go over to this address!! she passed out from my voice!!!" i said "Oh No!!!" they said. a little while later we got there. i ran to the door and knocked on it. they opened it and let us in. "were is she" i said " on the sofa" one girl said with long hair  she was beautiful but i  think harry already got to her niall was talking to another girl with short hair. they starred into eachothers eyes for a bit..i sat next to her and talked to her and the girl with long hair told us there name sand  stuff i starred into Julie's Eyes for a bit And allison Was talking With Harry And Lexie was eating with niall.

  Zayn Had to go back home to Perrie and  Liam went to Danielle.

 harry stayed with allison And Niall had A feast With Lexie.

I on the other hand slept with Julie. ( not like that.)  

Julie Pov- i woke up next to louis and he was playing with my blue hair "Good morning" he said I smiled and said. "Good Morning." "I smell food" he said i got up and looked at allison and harry cuddling on the floor. I took a picture. heh. walk in the kitchen and see niall and lexie making food. i sit down and ask louis about last night. he told me every thing. 

Louis Pov- She was so beautiful when she sleeps. we got up and went to the kitchen. "Whats cooking?" i say. "Sausage eggs and toast" they say at the same time. Harry woke up with allison on his back. "Aww" we all say. Allison goes and sits next to Julie whos sitting next me and harry's sitting next to allison. "Best Girls Night EVER" i over heard allison say.

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