One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


41. Tour

Julie POV- 

Today were Just packing up for tour.. Were Going to america. California! Im Packing the kids now. "EVERYONE READY???" Liam yelled.  "YEAHH" 

 we all went down stairs and he gave us out phones. they were on the charger.



 So now  were getting into to Privet plane.. "I call the big seat!!!" Louis yelled. It was a seat that pulled back into a bed?!? he took a sticky note and wrote: Reserved For, Mrs. Julianne Tomlinson. Then i put my bag up top And sat down on the note And Laid back. i fell asleep in his arms dreaming about Uni... i instantly woke up. "Louis, Wheres Uni!??" I whispered.

 "In the thing.." He mumbled i opened the top and uni fell on him.  then i cuddled with uni. 

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