One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


45. Stage.

i finished and saw the boys in shock. Were we that bad? The the crowd starts cheering...


   Colleens POV 

  ah the kids are the best! "PAIGEE!!" i yelled "Liam just texted me, he said they will be for another hour.." she said. "okay." 

    Me, Julie, & Paige have been friends since.. 5TH GRADE!!  And now she's Famous.. Maybe she can hook me up with Josh Hucherson?! Maybe.. Right now im looking for collages... and for paige.. A chocolate factory that has Robin Thicke.. 


     Julie POV 

 "Girls! that was great!!" harry called.  "Thanks.." i mumbled. then Niall went up and Kissed lexie on stage.. She was blushing. I broke down laughing. 



   "IM HOME!!" i yelled "Mohhmm !!" "Dahhdd" they said running. "Thanks for doing this" i said hugging paige and colleen. "Hey wanna go out tomorrow?" "Sure!"




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