One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


46. Shoppin'


   "OK, why did the chicken cross the road?!" paige asked laughing.


 "TO GET TO THE IDIOTS HOUSE!! knock knock!"

 "Whos there?"

  "The chicken!!"

   me and colleen laughed and shook our heads.

 we were going to throw out our trash.

 "I had fun today!!"

"LETS GO TO, hmm.." colleen said.

"Hot topic!!" me and paige said.

 "No its to emo in there!" colleen argued.

"Fine, Im you ride soo.." i told her

"OK OK" 


 "How was shopping gals?" Louis said.

"Good Great!" i said 

"ok, why did the chick-" paige started

"nononon." i stopped her

  "Lets go upstairs, " i said 

  "Um.." colleen said.

 "I gotta go. C'mon paige." colleen grabbed her arm

  Colleen POV 

I grabbed paige's arm and took her outside, 

   "We gotta go,Now. " 

"Why" paige said

  "Just c'mon."

 We started walking and i felt like someone was following us.. Its 10:43.

  at the mall i saw a guy following us too. 

  "Paige lets go bac-"

 then i was out.




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