One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


49. Revenge

 as soon as we got home we dyed my hair.

  "How do you know" Lou asked 

 "i know"

 we know were he lives so i saw him getting out of his car with a bag so i ran and pretended to get away form louis.

   he looked at me and smirked. i was running and he was behind a wall and when i went past he grabbed me. i had my phone on me, it was recording . i pretended to fall asleep. he dragged me inside and then i heard paige scream. i think he dragged me upstairs. then a door slammed. colleen and paiges voices were getting quieter and quieter.  


     i woke up with extreme pain in the back of my head. i saw colleen and paige holding me. 

"what wha- happened...." i asked. "he took you and dragged you out of the room to 'do' you.. then we heard a smash and a scream. i think he hit your head against the floor or some thing."

paige said. i looked down and i had no clothes on but a blanket.. 

  "where are my clothes??!" i asked. 

 "he took them." colleen said.

"I came here to rescue you-" then the door opened. 

"Paige." he said. paige didnt budge. the he came over and grabbed paige by the hair and dragged her out of the room.

 my mouth was wide open.

 "how many times has that happened to her?!" 

 "this is the 5th time.." 

"and you?!"


 "why paige 5 times and you once!?" 

"i dont know.. how many times to you?" she asked

 "more than 1d fans,

i wonder what louis is doing." i said.

 "hopefully finding us."

 "if he doesn't come by tomorrow ima show you how i broke out of here then i was 7. " 

 "we'll tell paige."

then paige came in, with only a blanket. 

 my mouth was silent. colleen told paige the plan the we fell asleep.


   i woke up tied to a bed. naked. cold. then i saw him open the door. he locked it. i saw something in his hand but i didnt know what it was. he came closer. it was a balloon and a vibrator. 

 "Your gonna feel so much pleasure. but you'll pay me back." he said.

 he got on top of me and stuck the vibrator in. it did feel kinda good but it hurt. 

after an hour of that, he took it out and put the balloon in. then he put his mouth to it and blew it in. he took it out  and in and out every time, he did it deeper and deeper. i screamed. 

  "here. take your clothes but tomorrow you'll pay me back."

  "bathroom?" i asked. "right across."  

i ran to the bathroom. i have my period. cabinets. drawers. no 'girl needs'.. "shit." i said 

i went back to his room. "pads?" i asked. he shook his head no "i'll get some." 

then i ran back the our room. i got my phone out from my bag. i texted louis 


 L louis  J julie

J where are you!!! 

J i think im pregnant!!

J  got my period!!

J found colleen and paige!!!


L i got harry to help. 

L were finding a plan.


J the bathroom??


L big enough?!!

J no but im going to the store with him and colleen and paige. when he's not looking i'll run.


 L drugmart? 

J YES!!! 

i'll text you when im going, 


 "colleen, paige. were going to drug mart, and then we'll run when he's not looking!!" i said. 


 "colleen, have you got yah period yet?ever?"

"No. never"

"Thats why, you cant get pregnant."

"Cool. "  

he walked in.  "paige, clothes. Julie when shes done come get me. were going to the store."

i nodded. he left. i texted louis 

"Leaving now."


  i knocked on his door, "Paige is done." "ok were going to drug mart." he said

"Ok. "


  "Get in the van." "what can i call you?" colleen asked. bad question. 

"um. Markus. sept, you Julers. Call me Dad."

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