One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


18. Rachel

Allison Pov- i stomped my heels over there and sat down and looked him in the eyes with a 'lets go' look. he nodded and told the rest of us and we headed out. i was hoping he would apologize but.. NOPE! he just walked out and no carrying or nothing. the other boys looked mad/depressed and the girls didn't get rides either. we all got in the car and rode in silence. until Liam pressed on the brake that i think the back end of the car went up! he opened his door and ran out an all i saw was this girl... we all got out and walked over to her and she had a little blood from falling but not a lot.. liam helped her up and helped her in the car. after the car ride liam went to talk to her 'privately'. the walked in the house and he said she'll be staying for a while. she'll stay in the guest room. liam took her upstairs and winked at us while going up.

Louis whistled the WhootWOO at them and she blushed. after what seemed like a hour (25mins)

they returned. 

"So, what did ya do up there huh?" Zayn asked while smiling. 

They both blushed. 

'Peeps, Meet, Rachel." liam said 

"HI RACHEL!!" we all yelled.

She had dirty blonde hair and Blue eyes. she was wearing a black crop-top with a skull on it and blue skinny jeans. 


Niall Pov- 

"hey niall Wanna take a walk?" lexi asked.

"sure!" i told her. Yes this was my perfect chance to ask her out!. i know i know.. it took me a while but. i dont just go for it.. i wait for the right moment.. Like.. now.






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