One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


13. Pedicures

Julie POV- when we were on our way to the place we got stopped by fans. then we finally goth there and realized none of us had our phones.. this is a problem. well any ways we got our pedicures and left. when we got back home i was swooped off my feet by louis he ran me to the kitchen. and VWALA! he made a new creation. and he wanted me to try it.

i look at it and look at him he looks exsited i give him a fake smile. i try it and actully it wasnt that bad! i tasted like gummy bears and other candy.. "Louis what did you put in this?" i asked. " oh nothing really, gummy worms/bears, jello-" i stopped him " what kind of jello?" "cherry,why?" "IM ALLERGIC!" i say intensely 

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