One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


11. Payback

Louis Pov- After we heard about liam's 'danielle' story we all "ulclgh" in descust. then we put away the groceries. me and Julie are a team! "cereal" "cereal"."bananas" "bananas"."Milk" "milk". after that we were going to surprise every one with dinner. homemade dinner. (we all know louis cant cook so..) 

Julie POV- "what shall we make babe?" i said. "uh toast?" he said trying to smile. "No louis something niall would eat" i say. "Babe, he eats every thing" he said "oh, right. what about chicken? and pasta!"i say. "Fine" he says grumpy. as he walks to the fridge i slap his bum to tell him to pep up. he grabs the chicken and i get the noodles. "Ok, babe you get chicken and i'll get noodles ok? there easier." he says. "Fine". After the chickens done we start the noodles. we heard stomping one the steps i quickly ran to kitchen door and shut it and locked it so they couldn't get in. "Cmon PLEASE!!" i heard Niall say "NOPE" i said i set the table and put the food down. i texted all the boys, lex and allie, and told them to come to the kitchen. i hear stomping on the steps. we quickly opened the door so they could eat. they sat down and instantly started to eat. "Save some for us lads!" louis said. after we all ate we watched Mean girls 2 we all snuggle and Zayn snuggles with Liam... Awkward. After the movie we all fell asleep. i woke up with a mustache and Niall like a old man. we were the only two sleeping. i got up and heard everyone laughing in the kitchen. i spied on them and then i saw niall right behind me. me and niall go upstairs and  plan our prank so we got niall's paintball gun and  his extra one and we tiptoe down stairs "3..2..1" We whisper. i shot louis so he couldn't see me he got up and looked around he came in the living room and me and niall were 'fake sleeping' he looked around and sat back down in the kitchen i got up and 'fake sleepwalked' and harry got scared and niall got up and shot allison. and went back to fake sleeping. then i collapsed on the ground and 'slept' Niall got up and shot Every one besides me "REVENGE BIOTCHES!" he yelled

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