One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


32. oh..

Julie POV-

I was just chilling in my room and i remembered.. the beating . The pain. I have to tell louis.. did i ever tell him?! OH CRAP!! I gotta go tell HIM! I got up and ran down stairs bit fell on the last step. 

When i fell i saw him crying.. what the.. he heard my thump after i fell, he ran to me an picked me up and set me on the couch.

"What happened? Was there a bug up there?" he asked.

"No louis i need to tell you something really important!!!" 

"When i was little-" i started.

"Oh here we go again.." 

i slapped him on the arm and continued.

"When i was little, i was abused.I was beat and burned." as i showed him my burn on my rib.

"O my goodness.. Go on."

"Well i haven't seen my real parents OR my other parents since i was 7. i ran away when i was 7.." i told him

He was speechless 

"I ran after my last burn. i jumped out the window and ran. not too sure where but i ran. i injured my ankle on that day. never treated it unless you call treating it if i put it in a lake."

then i showed him my indent on my ankle. 

Then he got a phone call.


 "come to the hospital now." harry said. i heard him . i grabbed the keys and ran out the door i tossed him the keys and we drove off.


when we got there 

we ran to harry we sat and he told us what happened.

then i remembered that me and louis had a check up today.

we signed in anyway and they called us .

"good luck, J. " Harry said. 

"Thanks you too."

me and louis were walling behind the lady.

"Ya know Julie, We put off our tour for you and the girls."

My jaw dropped.

"Ok Mrs. ... Im sorry what is your last name.?" the nurse asked


"ok, sit." 

*10 min later*

"Ohm. Mrs Toml-"

"Just call me Julie."

"Julie, im sorry but they might come a little faster than 9 months. like 6-7 months."

"oh. okay.."

"Your 5 1/2 months now"

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