One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


12. Man vs Woman

Julie POV- i got up from the floor and instantly i got thrown over louis back. "LET ME GO!!" i yelled at him. " Oh wait," he said in a devious voice. "You never kissed me" he smirked. "Fine" i pecked him on the lips. "No no no. Remember the concert?" Damn he was right. "Fine.. You ready?" "yup" he smashed his lips on mine and his tong was waiting for an entrance, so i let him in. out toungs danced for a while then we were interrupted.

Lexie POV- i was going to ask Julie If se wanted to go get pedicures with me and allison but when i walked in i think her plans were taken.. "EHEM" i said. "Oh sorry Love" louis said. " Hey Julie Wanna Get Pedicures?" i asked. "OH ID LOVE TO" i heard he-Wait Louis.. he said in a girly voice "Sure" Julie said and we got in the car and left


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