One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


29. Mackenzie & Jacob

 Louis POV 

so today were telling the rest of the boys about the Twins.!!!!

Julie POV 

me and Allison are going shopping for The TWINS!!

"What about this?" allie asked.

"i like it!! Throw it in the cart."


"I don't know yet.."

"OMFG!! Matching onseis!!"I yelled and the whole target looked at me.. WHO CARES!! i got 2 babies!!

we paid for out things and headed home.

I went to make dinner and HOT OIL almost spilled on me before allison stopped me.

"What are you doing?" she asked kind of mad but and she was holding back of giggles.

then out of all the people- Louis comes down.

"Whats going on?" he asked

"Ohmy god. i was just making popcorn and allie got mad because Of the oil!!!"i said and i ran up into my room 




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