One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


50. Idiot


   Wow, were driving to drugmart and his hand is on my thigh. IM such a Dumb ass.. i could of called the police. Wow. but if this plan doesnt work.. i'll call the police. But it looks like he's changed.. No. hes just tricking us. Allison and lexie and Rachel are at a hotel. (Last time i heard.) Cause they were at a recording studio. without me and paige., well, paige is a great singer but- 

were here!!!!  Louis, Louis where is he?! Oh no. i started having flash backs of me and him. what if he was cheating on me, what if- i was on the ground crying then i heard a gun shot. then i woke up in a hospital bed. i looked to my side and paige was on my left. on my right, no colleen....

"Wheres Colleen!!" i screamed. everyone woke up. i started to get out of my bed then the nurse came in and pushed me back down.  "Would u like a wheel chair Maam?" she asked. i nodded.

"MAKE THAT 2" i said while she was almost gone. "Paige, wake up. louis, harry?" "yeah''

"did the plan work?"

  louis came forward. "Julie. Colleen, Got shot." I was speechless. "2 wheel chairs?" "thank you." louis said.  "paige. cmon. " liam helped us into wheel chairs. "thank you liam." he nodded.

 zayn came forward "ok where do u wanna go?" "Colleen."  


   We got to colleens room. "can we go in?" "Yes." we walked in. "colleen?" i asked slightly.

 "Julie?" "what happened?" she pulled up he blanket in her left leg. it was wrapped in lots of gauze. "what time is it?" "1:04" "Lunch?" colleen got a wheel chair and we went to the cafeteria.

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