One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


38. i luff youuuuu

1 YEAR LATER. julie POV- Allison Styles & Harry had 2 baby girls, Kaitlynn lilan and rosie Lee Styles. And Me and louis had a fight. Were all good now. and Rachel had a boy, Dylan Scott Payne. And I'm in the hospital holding Alexis Horans baby. Mackenzie Uni Tomlinson and Jacob Latte Tomlinson are each 1 1/2. Kaitlynn is 8 months and Rosie is adopted. she's 2. "What are you gonna name her?" i asked. "I dont know. Niall?" she said. "PANCAKES!!" he said running off. "okay. LEO!, "she said. "Leo Joseph Horan !!" "nice!!" allie said *HOME* the kids ran to the door "Hey babes" louis said. "Hi dadehh" "hi mommehh" they said "Hi!!" "here you go jenny." louis said paying Jenny The baby sitter. "nonono, You need it for christmas."she said "here atleast take this" "OK." "Mommehh wets go pway in snow!" Mack said "great idea!" harry said. we all got dresses in our snow stuff and went out side. i pulled mack, jacob, rosie, & kaitlynn on a sled in the yard. When were done we went inside and lexie was making Hot cocoa. she set them on the table for all of us and we sat and watched spongebob. "OKAY. time for bed kiddies!" niall said tucking them all in. after that i fell asleep in louis lap. I woke up still on louis lap. i lifted my self to see my surroundings and louis pushed my head back on his chest. "Stay. your warm." he said. "boo bear. you only got 2 more days till tour!! what are we gonna do!" "we'll all go." "I trust you." then i fell back asleep dreaming about the 1D tour.
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