One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


8. Hospital.

Julie pov- I Woke up In a hospital bed and i killing pain in my arm and head. i open my eyes and look to see louis, liam, harry, niall, zayn, lexie, and allison. "whahh?" i say in a light voice. i look down and see a cast "what!?" i say. "You Broke your wrist when you fell off stage" liam said. "and a concussion" louis said. "take me home. please" i said. "Im Sorry but we cant You have to stay with us, under our eyes" Zayn said. "im fine with that" i said. "but can lexie and allison stay too? can i got home to get clothes?" i said. "Yes and YES" harry said.

 (CAR DRIVE) I i finally got out of louis' grip! we made it to my house. "how many clothes do i need?" i said "Alot" louis said "ok"  then we left after i packed. "WAIT WHAT ABOUT DIRIK??!"

i said. "your moms got him" lexie said "Oh Ok" after a while we got there and Louis carried me bridal style, lexie and allison just got piggy backs. ah-ha. we went in side. it was HUGE!! Louis set me down on the sofa and asked " do you want a room or in my room?"  " Your room, I'll feel safer." i said. "ok" he said 

Allison i was kind of jealous of julie that she got to be carried bridal style. " hey allison" harry said. "yeah?" Will you be the honor of my girl friend?!" he asked "OF COURSE BABE!" i said he picked me up ( BRIDAL STYLE ) and he took me to his room and well you know what happend next.




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