One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


34. Home.

Louis kept asking me questions. some i couldn't even answer. i was terrified he would come back for me. the whole way home we didn't say a word from then. we got home he ran out of the car to open my door. he did as well and picked my up and started carrying me. i fell asleep. until he tripped. Nice.  i got up and started walking to the house. (Long walk up driveway) he caught up to me. i dont know why but i was just in a mood. oh great. we finally reached the house and i stopped before we got to the steps.i peeked through the windows and everyone was all cry-ey and stuff. i walked in and just sat- fell to my bum and sat. everyone looked up and ran to me. Yay attention.! (sarcasm) i pushed everyone away and went to harry who was sitting on the sofa alone. i went and sat next to him. Allison. She was in her room. ran up the stairs and peek through the key hole. shes watching tv in the dark. i open the door slowly. and walk up to her and sit on the end of the bed.i guess she was napping. i poke her right in the 4-head 6 times and she wakes up- barley- and throws a pillow at me. she doesn't know its me. "what was that for?" i say.  she shoots up and hugs me. and starts crying, honestly i cried too. no questions just hugs and crying. "i'll be back in a bit ok?" i said "ok" i hop down the stairs. "LISTEN UP ALLYAL," i yell they all look at me. "NONE OF US ARE GOING TO SPEAK OF THIS EVER AGAIN OK??!!!" they all nodded.  Then i kitten sneezed then i ran to the babies. still sleeping good. "Now if you'll excuse me, im off to bed." 


I wake up and see louis lying next to me. His hands and legs are everywhere. i hit his with a pillow. "Geettt uppp" i moaned and fell back onto the bed. "the babies are calling you babe." he smirked. i gave him a love bite. he yelped in pain then he did it to me and we kind of had a fight with love bites and kisses. "Hey dont get too wild in their ok! were trying to sleep!!" nail said from outside the door. "Yeah. ok." then louis bit my ear lobe. "What.?" i said i went under the covers and bit his stomach. hahah. then he pinched my bum. then i squirmed down under the covers and circled in a ball. he came under with me. his full-on kissed like- MyWholeBody.

The we fell asleep


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