One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


9. Hehhh

Harry's Pov- i wake up and see a beautiful brunette laying next to me. awesome.. an hour later i decided to get out of bed and get dressed. she woke up. i gave her some clothes i picked out for her. "Really Harry?" she asked looking what i got her. "What?" i say " I -I -love it." she said worrying me. "Good, Because Tonight were going out. All of us" i say "Where?" she asks. "Nandos. Nialls idea." i say. She looks excited. 

Niall Pov- we decided to go out tonight i got to pick, it was my turn anyways.. Nandos. im excited to show Lexie.. After all these years she's been in ireland she's never heard of it.

Louis Pov- we decide to go to nandos tonight. (nialls choice) i asked Julie if she wanted to go she said sure. i picked out what to wear and she picked out what she was wearing. i helped her get dresses (broken arm) and we were on our way to nandos! Allison, Lexie And Julie fell asleep on the way there. i Played with her hair. she curled it, i always loved playing with her curls. Sorry Harry. when we got there she looked amazed. we sat down and she got chicken and salad. we shared our meal. after dinner we went back home and watched Toy story 1, 2, 3. (Liams choice)

every one fell a sleep excepted for me and her. "are you tired?" i asked "nope" she said and i smirked. he ran me up stairs and ( Yeah you know what happens next)

Julie Pov- when i woke up he was asleep. a carefully got up and  took a shower i dyed my dair again to day; Light blue! he woke up and saw my hair and gasped. "Julie.. Your hair.. its.. ALL BLUE?!" he said. "YUP, you got a problem?" i said. "Actually no. i like it" he said. "I have to run errands today. wanna come?" i asked him

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