One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


48. diend

    Julie POV-

  my head was in the sink while louis scrubbed the shampoo out of my hair.

   "Are you sure?" he asked looking at the dye


     he put the bleach in my hair. 

   "ok, after this is done, we'll go get the color." he said.

  "ok. Wanna see if i can impersonate each others accents?!"


  then i showed off my talent. i am really good with accents.

  "were do yah think colleen and paigers went?" i asked.. 

  "I dont know.."...

 1 hour later

   "what color?" louis asked.

"my real color" i said.. 

 "what is..??"

"brown.  like yours." 

 "why did you ever dye it?"

"to get away and not be recognized.. by him" 

"why are you dying it back?" 

"cause he has colleen and paige."

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