One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


5. Concert.

Louis pov- i just called her babe, oh what was i thinking! but it felt right... "Well LETS GO!" Zayn Said. "hold on  we gotta get dressed" Julie Said. 

Julie Pov- I ran upstairs and got clothes and makeup and  hair ready. i took a shower and got dressed. i wore a white Yellow Crop top can white shorts. I curled my hair and Put on Very little makeup. Allie wore A Purple Crop top and jean shorts and Lexie wore a green crop top with black shorts. We All got in the car. There wasn't enough room so i sat on Louis' lap and lexie sat on Nialls lap and Allison sat on Harry's lap. "Are You Comfortable?" Zayn Said while starting the Engine."Yup!" we all said. it was a two hour drive. so they all decided to sing to us 3.

Liam Pov- We were all singing. "hey can u stop at this gas station?" louis said. "Sure" Zayn said  

Louis pov- were gonna get out just me and Julie and we finally stopped, I took Julie's hand and walked inside. we went to the snack isle. "Julie.. I Know we haven't known each other for a while but.. i really have a connection with you.. will you be my girlfriend?" i said 

Julie pov- " Yes Of Course!!!" i said. He picked my up and  through me over his shoulder. "Let Me Down!" i say. "No Not until you kiss me in front  of the boys!" he said. "FINE" i said like a kid. we got in the car and we kissed. it wasn't like a make out session, it was sweet and soft. "WOAH" Niall said. "Oh Please you wish You could do it to." louis said. Niall grabbed lexie and attaked her with kisses and covered there faces and made out. "That was fake" i said. he grabbed me and started tickling me, lexie tickled niall, allison tickled louis, and Harry tickled Allison. "STAHP STAHP!! i said laughing out of breath. "No!" they said tickling me lexie and allison. they started kissing all over our faces and louis pecked my lips once a while.

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