One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


33. Chpt 33

Oh. So got out and sat back down to we're Harry was. "Any luck?" " no." "I have-" I ran out side quickly and threw up in a Bush. Then I ran off idk why but I did. I ran and ran. Then I saw HIs face. I ran to an alley an hid. I knew he recognized m because he ran after me. "Omg is that lil julers??" "Don call me that" He grabbed my arm an covered my mouth. "I see your pregnant" he said. "So I'll let you go for now. Come here after u give birth. Or I'll fin you myself." He said an let go and walked of to his car. And ran back to the hospital an not tellin any one about what happened. (2weeks later. Gave birth too lazy to write.) I thought in bed, should I go. Or no. So I decided oh he forgot so I sat back and relaxed. (Day later) I was in the park just admiring nature and I checked my phone and it said 12:00 I should leave. I got up to leave and everything went black. I woke up and saw a dark room and i was tied to bed frame and food was in ground of me and at the doorway was him, Markus. I just watched his every move. "Hove u been?" I didn't answer. "Ok here's the deal. You will do,as I say and after a Mont I'll sell you to,someone else. goti t? I nodded "Here eat." He knew I couldn't so I stayed put "I said. EAT!!" So I did as told and reached my mouth and bit at it. He just laughed. So he had enough and actually fed me. Really???!!! "Take of you shirt." He commanded "No" I fought. "You wanna go there?" "Yes I do" I said. So then he grabbed my face and called his crew. They untied me but tied ME because to the be backwards. He slapped me bum and pulled me hair. "Twerk to me." I did as told an got up and he followed me and he stood as I twerked. I,let him do what he wanted and I just felt horrible.the warm heated air touched my bare legs as I felt pain. After an hour of that he let me sleep "get ready for tomorrow. Your doing a lot more of that tomorrow" and with that he left.I actually slept and shivered through the night.I woke up early I think. And like 3 mins later. He came in an tossed me an outfit. Hah no. So I go dressed in it anyways. And stayed in bed and waited for my next directions. She came back in mins later an directed ME to Room,where men gathered around in. Huge circle and talked. Marcus directed ME to the center of the room. Everyone shut up. So this is the annual slave day of every weekday. Oh no. So every ones hands shot up to ask requests and I south do them. All these stupid questions were asked an I would do them. Then a man an Asked a question. "Sex" I was dragged to a room and the man too off his hat and jacket and I screamed. "LOUIS" I silently screamed "yup" he went back to the men and asked to take me home to his house to b his slave so he could take me home. They said yes an we are off. Home!!!!!!
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