One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


37. Bowling

Julie POV- 

Once we got in the bowling place we all ran to the counter to get our shoes. 

when we were done bowling, Zayn won. 

"Congrats Zayn!! You get to hold Jacob!! " i told him handing jacob. "ohh YAAAH." he said taking jacob.



then we all fell on the sofa. "LETS WATCH A MOVIE.!!!" liam yelled  "okay." we picked out hunger games. at the part when they get the tracker in their arm i ran out of the room. "cant take it." 

*2 month later*


"Lets go to an amusement park!!" i yelled. everyone got up and got dressed. i put Mack in a little tutu with a white shirt. i put jacob in a little vans with red pants and a striped shirt.i wore leggings with uggs and and a rainbow painted on the front of my hoodie. Allison wore skinny jeans with slipper/boots, a purple shirt and a scarf. and lexie wore a green fitch hoodie with skinny jeans and DC s.

 when we got there it was big. so we all headed in different directions. me and louis went to the games. "Here you go Kitten." he said while handing me a giant unicorn. "OMG ITS SOO CUUTE, thanks boo bear!!" i said jumping up & down. then me and lex and allie got on the scrambler!! then we all left with animals. Allison got a giant fluffy cat. and lexie got a Penguin.

when we got home me and louis went to bed. Usually i cuddle with him, but i cuddled with my giant unicorn.

 in the morning i woke up cuddled to louis not my unicorn! "WERE IS UNI!!" I yelled. "i hid Uni."he said "AHHHHHHH" i said attacking him "WERE. IS.UNII!!!!!!" "Look for it." i got up and actually looked for it. In the kitchen, uni was on a chair with  a note and flowers and kit kats. 

"Ermahgerd!!" i screamed. louis came running down. "I LOVE YOU!!!" i screamed. 



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