One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


35. bed.

julie pov- then we started making out. it was 11 now. so i decided to get up. i had to anyway, the babes were crying. louis came out and followed me i handed him Mack and he poked my hickey on my neck, he gave. then i poked his stomach. We started to head down stairs and everyone was by the island eating. i look on the stove and there was no food left for me or louis. i look at everyone with a baby in each arm. I was about to fall with 2 babies in each arm and harry looked at me. "Your fault for having 2" then he giggled. and got up and helped. he took jacob. "Yeah and your fault for taking him from me." i said as walking to the fridge. i took out some orange juice and pored 2 glasses. 1 for me and 1 for louis. and alexis got the milk bottles for me. so sweet. "Thank you." "Hold up, these are for me!" i giggled and she gave me the bottles and i took jacob from hazza and sat on the sofa. after they ate i burped them and napped them. "Go get dressed. Were going bowling." Zayn said. i started to walk upstairs and louis was behind me. He pinched my bum. "Save dat for laters " i said. he smirked. I got dressed and we all got in the car. the babes are in a car seat and louis and liam are in the back playing with them. i took a picture and put it on twitter. Then Zayn got a text. He read it out loud "dear one direction. You guys will have to go back on tour soon. from simon" 

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