One Direction Infection

Julie's You average teenage girl.. until she goes to her first concert..


16. Awards


Louis POV- after 20 minutes on the beach it was kind of getting boring. "Hey babe, do u mind if i call over the boys, lex, and allison" i asked

"No Not at all!"

"ok, imma call them." when i was calling i heard Julie silently scream. What Was wrong?

i turn around fast and see her arm hit agents a rock

"Julie! What happened!!" i asked her

"i was going to flip so i could tan on the other side but when i went over, i hit it on a rock." she told me

well once everyone else got here Liam immediately went in the water And the other girls; Allison lexie, AND ZAYN were tanning. I sat there with Julie and made sure she'd be careful.

"Hey, Guys (and gurls) I was wondering if u peeps want to go the MTV VMA award with us?" liam asked us 

"Sure" lexie allison and julie said

Julie POV- Well If were going to this VMA award we need dresses.

"Hey Louis i wa-" he cut me off

"Yes I'll take you dress shopping with harry, niall, lexie, and allison."

"Wow, ok when?" i asked 

"How about... and hour?"

"Sounds Good"

(HOUR) well i got my purse and wallet, and wore something  'everyday'. When we got there we went to EVERY STORE IN THE MALL. I got, a dress, converse, and a beanie.(Maybe i'll add a picture) 

Lexie Got a Lavender/white dress thats ribbon.

Allison got a Yellow/white dress with ruffles. 

Once we got ready i curled my hair and allison straightened her hair and lexie kept it wavy.

We all got in the car.

"Julie, You look.. Amazing.!" he said to me 

"Your not too bad yourself" i said. and with that i pecked him on the lips. Poor liam. he has no girl friend. So when we got out of the car i ran and jumped on his back. "GIDDY UP!"










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