Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


5. Chapter 5 What's wrong with you?


 Harry's p.o.v (finally!!!)

"Let's go back to your house," I demanded

I wanted to see what it was like and maybe, do a little bit more then just kiss. This was a test, right now I was playing it cool but I was going to see if she dares go further.

"What's wrong with your house," she protested looking at me, with those big blue eyes.

I hesitataed I didn't want to tell her, why we couldn't go back to my house, she might find me stupid. It had to be her  house, or else "Dave" my stepdad from hell would go mental. I hate him he's a huge guy, built like a body builder with large muscles. He drinks all the time, so he stinks and he smokes plus he's always yelling at me and my sister so much that, he's always bright pink in the face.

He espically hates me, he's forever insulting me saying stuff like, "oi curly you're crap shut up and get a brain" when Mums around he just glares at me, but when it's just me and him, he'll insult me. I try not to let  his words hurt me but it's hard everthing he says flashes in my brain all day.

"Never mind about my house let's go to yours," I demanded in the fierce voice Dave usally uses when he yells at me.

Prue nodded looking pretty startled I'd never used that tone of voice with her before. She nodded and lead me down the street.

She lead me back there seeing as I didn't know the exact way. I'd driven to her house before but it was dark then.

We eventually arrived, at a small white house, on the bend. Prue walked up the path shivering.

"What if my Dad's home"? she asked.

"I'm sure he won't be," I sighed grabbing the door handle.

"He might not be," she yelled "but my gran will be".

"Then we'll just have to be silent".

I pushed on the door and it opened, somebody had to be in as the door was unlocked. We crept into the hall and made our way, to the stairs. I could hear the, buzz of the television coming from under the living room door, as we carefully made our way upstairs.

Prue opened up, her bedroom door and let me inside.

"Nice," I smirked looking at her walls which were covered in pictures.

"Thanks," she mumbled sitting down on her bed and fiddling with her, curly brown hair.

I smiled to myself, next up time to test her. Usally the girl would be fawning all over me, but she was just looking at me worridly. I wasn't sure what it was but she seemed so different to any other girl I'd ever dated, she was special.

"So ready to take this to the next level"? I asked sitting down next to her and looking at her chest.

"Umm...." she started.

Prue's p.o.v

I wasn't sure exactly what Harry meant by, "the next level" but I knew what he vaugely  meant. I knew I should yell no and kick him out of the house but I remebered what people used to say at my old school. Prue you're so frigid.

"I think so," I mumbled unsure.

He pushed me down, onto my bed and started kissing my neck. It felt wonderful as his curly hair brushed against my neck, but I wasn't sure about it.

. "What, if my Dad catches us"? I whispered worriedly.

He didn't answer for a few seconds, he just got more and more violent as, he pressed his lips against mine. As he let go I started gasping for breath, I wanted to push him away but I foud myself grabbing his neck.

 "Don't worry, we won't be here long," he eventually  replied.

My heart started pounding, as he kissed me up and down my neck. Not here for long, where were we going? I'd only now Harry for two days, and we're already doing it, maybe he thinks I'm a slut. Just as he was getting to my more private parts, I pushed him away.

He looked at me in shock. I started back at him, he looked suprised I didn;t go the whole way. We were silent for a few seconds, and I was worried Harry would leave.

 "Harry, where are we going"?

 He didn't answer, apart from smiling, "trust me babe you're gonna thank me later".

He yawned and looked at his watch.

"Shit 3:30 better go."

I excepted him to use the door, but instead he made his way to the windown. He turned and climbed down.

"See you, at 10 babe" he called.

I sighed what had I just got myself into. It still felt so unreal that we pratically did it and we bunked off school. I wasn't sure about this whole image change thing, but it felt good.

And tonight I was going against Dads rules and sneaking out, for whatever crazy thing Harry's planned for me.


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