Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


4. Chapter 4 Bunking Off


 Beep beep

I woke, up to my alarm clock ringing. I groaned  and lifted my head, gingerly off my pillow, I wasn't quite sure what exactly happened, last night after we kissed. But judging by my massive headache it wasn't good.

I tried, to remember what, we were doing but I just got a hazy blurry image inside my head, I just had a vague memory, of Harry, climbing in through my window, as not to make Dad suppsicus.

"Prue!" Dad yelled storming into my room.

"Dad, do you mind, it's to early," I moaned throwing my head under my pillow, my ears were ringing so badly that I felt like, there was a car alarm going off, in my head and I felt like vomiting.

"That's the problem, did you deliberatly get, fucking drunk, how dare your friend lead you off like this, your only 17, he yelled, "that stupid bastard".

I clenched, my fingers, into fist as soon as Dad started bitching about Harry. I knew he was right, Harry was trouble and was probably a game player. But he felt special to me, on that first day I was the girl he went to talk to, know one else just me.

"Leave him alone Dad!, just because you've never had feelings for anyone woman, after Mum died doesn't mean you can stop me".

Dad flinched, as if I'd slapped him. I'd never spoken back to him like that before. I excepted him, to yell at me, to get ready for school, maybe smack me and tell me I'm grounded. But instead, he just softly shook his head, letting his untidy brown hair fall in his face.

I was starting, to feel bad then, but also angry. Not just with Dad, but with the boys as well, had Zayn deliberatatly invted me to that party? Does Harry even care? Am I just part of a bet?

"You're grounded Prue," he said, but not with the threatning tone, he usally put's into it.

"God, how old do you think I am? Five," I muttered under my breath.

He turned, back to look at me I could see anger in, his eyes but he was trying to stay cool.

"I just don't like the thought, of you being in danger," h hissed.

"Dad, I'm 17 you don't even care about me do you, why don't you just lock me in the cupboard, and keep me little forever". I yelled.

With, that I threw on my clothes barged past Dad and ran out the door. I could feel anger, but also hurt, brewing up inside of me. I rushed round the corner, before grabbing my phone and texting Harry.

To Harry

I'm so pissed off right now

I hit send and waitied for a reply.

To Prue

What's wrong posh? (like it, it's my new nickname for you)

Trust him to be thinking of nicknames, at a time like this.

To Harry

Don't you dare, call me posh. I don't wanna go to school, shall we bunk off.

I was quite shocked, with myself that I'd suggested something like this. I'd never been late to a lesson before, let as known missed school.

To Prue

Fine meet you round the back, of mcdonalds


I switched off, my phone and nervously started walking. I passed, the school building and kept walking, I was worried a teacher, might catch me so I ducked down.

After I passed school, I started running my hair flying round my face. All though the early, morning mist was making it impossible to see. I arrived at mcdonalds, I snuck round the back and sure enough Harry was standing there, leaning against the wall, while kicking around an  empty can of pepsi.

"Hey," I called coming up to him.

He looked up, and grinned at me.

"You look like you've been pulled through a hedge backwards," he teased.

I glared at him, shivering, only then had I realised how cold it was.

"So where to first"? he asked throwing me his jacket and dragging me towards the high street.

"I don't know where do you usally go, when you bunk of" I shrugged.

"I've never bunked off before," he replied dragging me into HMV.

"Seriously"? I was shocked by this, I thought boys like Harry would bunk off all the time,

He nodded and walked over to the classical music area. I was suprised by this too, I thought he'd be into heavy metal or punk rock. But he was flicking through all the old classics looking really happy.



"So where to now"? I asked two hours later.

We'd spent the morning, wandering around the shops aimlessly. Harry had bought tons of stuff, but I hadn't bought anything. His family, must be rolling in it, if he could afford all that.

"We could go to your house," he smirked.

"What's wrong with your house," I protested, imagining Gran giving Harry disapproving looks, while Dad gave him an earful. It would be like the e tablets all over again.

"Never mind about my house, let's go to yours," he demanded.

It was as if he'd changed right in front of my eyes. One minutes he was listening to classical music and acting really sweet, and the next minute he's forcing me to let him go to my house.

In the end, I said yes praying Dad would've gone out. He clung onto my hand, almost dragging me down the street. I was so confused, was he using me or did he actually like me?






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