Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


3. Chapter 3 Maybe I like you




I arrived back home, where Dad was trying to cook and Gran was watching tv. Well she wasn't really. Watching it, she was more staring at the ceiling, I wasn't sure why.

"Hey," I called coming into the kitchen.

"Hi, why are you so late"? Dad asked, placing in front of me what I think, was supposed to chicken pie, but it was so burnt, it was black.

"I had detention," I replied fiddling with the burnt, mess in front of me.

"On the first day," he said rolling his eyes.

I shrugged, before walking to the hall. "Oh, I'm going to a party, with my friends, tonight is that ok"?

I was pretty, sure Dad would say no as he, is a fuss ass, when it comes to things like this. However, he seemed overjoyed that I finally had some friends, seeing as in my last school, I was a geek and  a loser.

"They're coming at 8," I called rushing upstairs.

I ran into my bedroom and flung open my wardrobe. I had, heaps of homework, which I needed to get done, but I thought what I wore to this party was way, more important than algebra.

I spent, the next few hours getting ready, it sounded stupid but I wanted to make an impression on Harry. I was sick, of being the loner and the geek for once, it my life maybe I could be popular.

An hour, later I'd changed into, a black vest top, and a pair of skinny jeans, just about the only sexy garments I own. Dad refuses to let, me buy, cocktail dresses or even thongs, apparently I'm too young. I think, he doesn't like the fact, I'm growing up, without me and Grandma, he’d be alone.

Just, as I was feeling just a tiny, bit sorry for Dad my phone beeped.

Sexy curls, and tommo are waiting for you, want us to come to the door? Thought ur dad might be a bit of a fuss ass.


I assumed, Harry was talking about Louis when he put "tommo". I replied back saying I'd met him round the corner there was no way; I was going to let Dad, bore him to death for the next few hours.

I think, Dad's seriously hurting my chances with boyfriends. Back, when I was 13 I started going out with my first boyfriend (well only) James, he was a weed, and looked stupid but to me he was hot.

Sadly, I made the mistake of inviting him, over to my house and Dad thought it would be a good idea, to give him a long in-depth conversation about never taking E tables at parties. However, James was so stupid that he thought, he meant vitamin E tablets, I was so embarrassed by this stage that, I just stayed away from James. Poor guy bet he's never going to look at vitamin E tablets again.

"Bye Dad," I yelled rushing to the door.

I ran out, the house before he had time to follow me. I rushed round the corner, where Harry and Louis were sitting, in a large convertible.

"Wow, have you robbed, a bank or something"? I asked climbing onto the back seat, Impressed by the car.

Harry laughed, and ran his hands through his curly hair. "I should've thought about that, actually it's my step dads car, just thought I'd take it for a spin".

"He let you borrow it"? I asked fastening my seat belt as he started up the car.

"Not exactly," he smirked looking at me, in the rear mirror.

He must have noticed the startled look on my face.

"I'm sure, he won't miss it, for a few hours," he said.

I shook my head before observing Louis and Harry. It was hard, to make out exactly what, they were wearing.

I could, just make out that Louis was wearing a denim jacket, and a white t shirt, along his messy brown, hair which was sprayed up, into a quiff, he looked incredible.

Harry, was wearing, a tight black t-shirt, with a jacket on top. He too looked hot, dam why did boys like that, want to hang out with someone as lame as me?

We eventually arrived at a large white building. With, all stars club outside. I was starting to feel sick, I'd never, been so much as near a club before, this was going to get interesting.

I shivered a bit as I joined the queue. I felt, a pair of arms touching my shoulders.

"Thought this would warm you up," Harry whispered in my ear handing me his jacket.

"Thanks," I replied getting lost in his deep green eyes.

"Hey," Louis snapped bringing us back, into the real world, "are you going to show, him the invitations".

Harry got three crumpled invites out of his pocket, which he handed to the bouncer, guy at the door. He looked at them, before beckoning us in.

The inside, of the club looked magical. There were luminous, stars, stuck all over the ceiling, making the place shine, the music was pounding and everyone seemed to be having fun.

However, as Louis dragged us over to the drinks table. I noticed heaps of people, crashing to the ground, with eyes like zombies.

"Think, we just missed the drugs around," said Louis picking up a bottle of vodka. He gulped, it down in, five seconds flat, before reaching for another bottle, not even bothered.

"Hey," called a voice.

I turned to see, the boy with the black quiff, with a boy with a shaved head.

"Hey Liam, Hey Zayn," called Harry nodding at them.

"And you are"? Liam asked raising his eyebrows at me.

"Pru-ue," I stuttered, "um cool party".

"Thanks," he grinned "see you guys later".

With, that him and Zayn rushed of,. I was starting, to feel sick again, I really wasn't used to this party atmosphere, plus I'd only know Harry, Louis and Zayn for a day, I felt like I was going mental.

"Here," Louis called reaching into his pocked, and handing me a packet of ciggies.

I couldn't believe he was asking, me to smoke.

"Um no thanks I-I’m given up," I lied.

Harry laughed before pulling me over to the dance floor. I spotted, a flash of blond hair in the crowd, I wasn't sure if it was Niall but, to stay on the safe side, I moved Harry the other way.

We started, off just messing around to the music, nothing intense but of course at that point, the DJ announced couples dance.

I turned, to look at Harry; he smiled at me showing off his dimples, for a second, he looked younger then, his age like a ten year old or something. He coughed, before pulling me to the front.

"Have you ever slow danced before"? He asked putting his hands around my waist.

I shook my head, before placing my hands on his shoulders. As soon, as the song began, I felt like everyone else in the whole room, was gone. All I could look at, was the boy in front of me, and it felt magical.

I knew, it was crazy as, I'd only known Harry for a day. but I almost felt like, I had feelings for him.

"So how many boyfriends have you had"? He said taking me out of my day dream.

"Um.." I started, I've had one boyfriend, but he was a geek plus I'm still a virgin.

That question, threw me a bit though, was he worried, I was one of those girl, who dated a new boy ever night. That's when I thought, what if he, was one of those boys who did one night stands.

By, this point, I was seriously pissed off and I turned to walk away. Put, before I could, I felt a hand running through my hair, Harry. He kissed, me softly against my lips, but not really a loving kiss, more the sort of kiss, you do to show off.

I wanted, to pull away but I also wanted this moment to last forever. I needed to cherish, this moment for ever.


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