Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


18. Chapter 18 Lying to be perfect


 Harry's p.o.v

Life's a pretty crazy thing right? It has been for me and the boys, just a month after our concert, we've been offered a freaking tour! Our covers have been seen all over the country and we've got over 10 million youtube hits all ready!

Everthing seems to be going perfectly. I've finally found where I belong, from being a member of the most dangerous gang in the city to being, Harry-no-mates to an actual human being with 4 mates who will always be beside me!

All my problems seem to be over including Dave my stepdad from hell. Him and Mum are still together but after I told the nurses the truth about him threating me and, us fighting they told Mum and she put that ass in his place. it was mental she stormed through the door and threw herself at him.

"If you dare put Harry down again Dave, you can wave our relationship goodbye!" She'd  yelled in his face.

Dave looked pretty taken back but he just said sorry to me and promised he would leave me alone from now on. I'm pretty sure he'll still find a way to hurt me but at least my mum and sister know about it now. Anyway with me and the boys going on tour, who fucking cares!

That leaves just one more problem leaving Prue. I'm not sure how to tell her about the tour, she'll probably say something postive but secretly be upset. I'm sad to leave her I wish she could come with us, but it's not possible. All of us have our GCSe's coming up but me and the boys are coming back after our tour to take them.

It wasn't leaving Prue which made me really upset all though that bit was going to be hard, it was what I'd promised her after our first show.

"Promise you won't leave me!"


And here I was breaking my promise, whie I'm travelling up and down the country she'll be stuck here in London with her Gran her  Dad,  and his new girlfriend. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her.


The night before we were due to go on tour all 5 of us stayed at Liam's house. We stayed up till abou 2 in the morning chatting abou how nervous and exicted we were. His Mum came in and told us off twice for waking her up but we just ignored her.

By the time it was 3am I thought we'd go to sleep, how wrong could I be. The rest of the boys decided it would be a good idea to have a bonfire in the garden. As the fire crackled to life we all huddled around it wrapped in our sleeping bags freezing to death.

"Who's idea was it to build a bonfire at 3am in the morning"? Liam shivered wrapping himself up in his sleeping bag.

"Oh come on it's fun!" Louis grinned flinging off his sleeping bag and giving us a weak smile. All though goose pimples were already erupting all over his arms.

"You know what's missing," sighed Zayn.

"Marshmallows!" Yelled Niall.

Liam held up a large packet of marshmallows and handed them out to each of us. As we toasted the marshmallows over the fire, the rest of the boys started telling ghost stories. I wasn't listening though instead I stared into the light orange flame and thought about Prue.

"Hey Harry are you ok"? Louis piped up.

"Yeah um fine," I lied turning bright red.

"I'll get some hot chocolate," Liam said still looking pretty shaken up from Niall's ghost story.

"I'll get it!" I replied jumping up and running towards the house before he could stop me. I needed to get away from the boys before Louis twigged I was lying.

Just as I was reaching into the cupboard to grab five mugs someone cleared their throat behind me. I almost dropped the three mugs I was holding in shock.

"Louis what the fuck are you doing?" I snapped recovering from my intial shock.

"Seeing what's wrong with you," He replied.

"Look I'm fine!" I lied bringing the mugs down and chucking a spoonful of what I thought was hot chocolate mixture into each one.

"Sure that's why you put chilli powder in the mugs is it"? Louis sighed raising his eyebrow.

He walked over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a kind smile. I wasn't sure why but Louis always seemed to know what was wrong you basically couldn't get a better mate.

"Tell old agony aunt Louis what's wrong Harold," he said in a old granny voice.

I couldn't help but chuckle. "It's Prue..." I started.

"Aww girlfriend trouble mate, did she dump you when you told her about the tour can't say I blame her," he laughed.

"No because," come on Harry just tell him. "I haven't told her about the tour!"

Louis was silent for a few minutes , he just looked at me in shock. If Louis finds something shocking then it must be bad.

"Harry we're leaving in the morning".

"I know!" I snapped sounding grumper than I meant to.

"I'll just have to text her about it now," I groaned grabbing my phone from the counter.

"Wow romantic," said Louis "Don't you think she'll be angry"?

"Probably but at least she'll know".

I unlocked my phone and clicked on new message. Just as I was about to start typing a new text flashed onto the screen.

Hey babe sorry for texting u so late, I just feel so fed up. Dad and his new stanky girlfriend spent all evening cosied up together on the sofa eating pizza and watching the vow. Dad asked if I wanted to join them but I said no. Eeek they're gross. Gran's ill as well I'm worried bout her but I'm also alone, they only guy I have is you Harry. Ur the one person who luvs me, and hasn't left me. U and me Haz.

Prue xx

I slammed my phone down on the table in anger and put my head in my hands. Shit Prue needed me more than I thought I could break the news to her now. There was only one solution I was just going to have to see what tomorrow brought!


Heya guys about 2 chapters left. Do you guys want a sequel? or shall I just leave it with a sad ending, ur choie please comment below. 5 likes for the next chappie love ya guys


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