Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


17. Chapter 17 Opening Night


Harry's p.o.v

 It was finally time for mine and the boys first ever concert. We were only performing at the local thearte but it felt like we were performing at wembley. Before the concert we went to check the stage out, it was massive. All though I was exicted I gulped nervously as i looked at the rows of empty seats pretty soon they would be full of people who'd payed to see us.

"Pretty cool isn't it," said Louis coming over to me and slinging his arm round my shoulder.

"Yeah, I can't believe Simon Cowell actually liked our covers!"

"Neither it feels like a dream!" He replied.

it really did feel like a dream. One minute I was close to death and being forced to duel with my worst enemy but now here we were performing in front of hundreds. I knew Louis was hoping we'd make it big but I didn't except it to actually happen.

"We're going out to nandos before the concert, are you coming"? Zayn asked as I walked back stage.

I was about to say yes, but then I remembered I wanted to see Prue before the concert.

"Sorry I need to talk to Prue," I replied. "Do you know where she is"?

"Urr I think she's at home".

i thanked him before making my way towards the exit. I checked my watch, I still had 3 hours before we were due on stage plenty of time.

I wasn't exactly sure what was up with Prue at the moment. Ever since we'd been told the news about the concert she'd seemed to be acting really quiet all of a sudden.


Half an hour later I arrived at her house. Her Dad didn't look to thrilled to see me, but he muttered that Prue was upstairs  before going back to his laptop.

Prue's Dad and I have never really seen eye to eye I've only met him once before but he seems pretty sure that I'm set out to break Prue's heart. Although he hasn't dared to say anything to me because of what I've been through I can tell he hates me.

I knocked on Prue's door and went inside. She was sitting on her bed flicking through photos, I knew she'd been crying as her face was bright red and tear stained.

"Hey babe what's wrong"? I asked wrapping my hands around her  waist.

"It's nothing!" she sniffed hastily putting away the pictures.

"Tell me," I begged.

She sighed and turned to face me.

"You know that women Dad met online".

I nodded, I remembered her moaning onto me about this girl her Dad had met online. Apparently they'd got really close.

"She's moving in with us!"


I was pretty shocked by this, was her Dad mental? He barely knew the freaking women and yet she was coming to live with them, I thought he had more fricking sense then that.

"It's just once Dad's got her, he won't need me anymore will he I just feel so alone".

I picked her up and pushed her down onto the bed. I pulled her top up and eventually got to her jeans. I thought she'd slap my hand away but she didn't she let me keep going.

"Somethings definetly changed," I smirked as she unbuttoned my top.

"What"? she giggled letting out a deep moan.

"2 months ago you would've never done this with me," I replied stroking her chest.

We thrashed around in her bed together for at least another twenty minutes. Prue really seemed to be enjoying herself as everytime I let her go, she'd grab me and force me to keep going.

"You don't need to feel lonely  baby you've got me," I said picking her up.

"Get off me, I need to get ready for the concert".

I let her go and she went over to her closet. As she was looking through her clothes I kept staring at her ass. Ahh fuck you styles, I thought to myself I'd already broken my rule about not sleeping with anyone. Old habitats die fast I just can't help myself.

Once Prue was changed. (she made me go out the room don't worry). I drove us both to the concert hall. As we made our way back stage I started to feel sick, the audience were already filling into their seats.

"Harry why won't Prue stop moaning"? Louis asked.

I turned to see Prue moaning really loudly.

"You fucked her didn't you," he said picking her up and shoving her into her seat.

"Sort of," I muttered "but why is she acting so hyper"?

"Must be a sugar rush," Niall laughed joning the conversation.

"Fuck me styles," Prue moaned.

"No I'm a good boy baby," I laughed stroking her hair.

"Guys we're due on stage!" Liam yelled.

"Good luck," Prue smirked kissing me on the cheek.

I gave her a quick smile before making my way to my place. I felt scared but I was determined to not show my nerves in front of the crowd.

As soon as our name was called we ran onto the stage and started singing our first cover Torn. The concert was amazing, the crowd seemed to be loving it and so did the boys. After we finished our last song, a cover of Alphavilles forever young we all bowed before running off stage.

"We smashed it!" Louis cheered hugging me.

We all had a group hug before I went to find Prue.

"Nice job," she squealed hugging me.

She must've come off her sugar rush as she was a lot calmer.

"Prue," I whispered.


I took a deep breath, it was time for those three little words. Prue had said them to me at the hospitial, but I never said them back.

"I love you," I whispered.

I kissed her full on the lips. She ran her hands through my hair and kissed me back. Once we broke away she said one thing.

"Promise you won't leave me!"



Uh oh that's the kiss of death isn't it? So romantic scene for all you people who love romantic crap. Soz I don't really like romantic crap so I don't write to much of it.

Anyhoo just realised I have over 200 favs. Eeeek I fricking love you guys thank you so much!

5 likes for the next chappie thanks guys. Love ya


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