Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


15. Chapter 15 Confronting the bully


 Harry's p.o.v

I noticed the  guilty look in Louis' eyes as he looked at me. Nathan still had his arm around him, and was giving me such a fake smile he looked like a hyena.

"What's wrong Harry do you know this boy"? He asked.

Louis opened his mouth to answer but on the boys kicked him hard in the shin. He gritted his teeth and started at me.

That's when I realised something wasn't  right about this Louis wouldn't just join a gang. Louis the joker of the class. The boy who carries round a flipping plastic piegon and insits it can talk, it's just not right.

"You've captured him haven't you," I snapped.

Nathan looked startled, "why do you think that"?

"Maybe because he look's terrifed, and when he tried to speak you kicked him," I yelled.

By this time Prue had run out of mcdonalds and was trying to hold me back, but I ignored her and glared up at Nathan.

"Let Louis' go and we'll leave you in peace"!

Nia came forward and started snorting with laughter, but there was hate in her eyes. She grabbed my by the scruff on my shirt and pulled me over.

"You want him back then fight for it you coward!"

The rest of the gang let out a massive cheer and clapped Nia on the shoulder.

"Harry leave it, if you get caught this time you'll definetly be going to jail," Prue hissed.

I knew she had a point. Plus I'd promised myself I'd get out of that mental hospitial and never get into trouble again but Louis needed me I couldn't let him down.

"You have a deal," I muttered through gritted teeth.

"Meet us behind mcdonalds tonight, 11pm sharp," Nathan snapped.

"See you then," I replied.

"Not if I see you first!"

With that he grabbed Louis and dragged him away. Leaving me standing there wondering what the hell I'd just got myself into.

"Nice one Harry," Prue muttered.

"Looks like I better go to the gymn to practice".

"Why can't we call the police"? she asked.

"If we do they'll hurt Louis or even kill him!"

"Looks like I better go to the gymn to practice" I siad.

"Why bother".

"I don't want to be beaten to a pulp".

"Good point".

With that we turned to go to the gymn. I was still terrifed though no amount of weight lifting could make me as strong as the cobras I was going to have to call for back up. However I only knew three boys up to the job..

Louis' p.o.v

After Nathan and Harry had agreed to fight, Nathan grabbed my arm and dragged me away. I couldn't believe Harry was willing to get beaten by me, I felt awful. Of course I was still mad at Harry for hitting me but I never accepted this to happen. In fact ever since Prue's come here, Harry been arrested, been put in a special unit and though I'd been kidnapped. This had been a crazy journey but it wasn't over yet.

At least he didn't think I was an actual member of the cobras. I was their prisoner earlier on they kidnapped me saying they swore revenge on Harry for leaving them and I was their first target.

"Put him in the car," Nia yelled opened up a very bashed up looking car.

They pushed me into the back and started up the engine.

"So do you think we'll win"? one of the boys asked.

"Of course we will that loser can't fight his way out of a paper bag," Nia chortled.

She turned to look at me an evil look on face. God she was one of the scariest girls I'd ever seen. Everthing from her menacing lips to her bright purple hair was scary.

"Hear that Tommo you're stuck with us forever," she snapped as the car screeched to a halt.

"Get off me you prick," I yelled as I was dragged out of the car.

They pushed me into some run down building until we get to a room right at the end. Nathan got a key out of his pocket and unlocked it. The room was pitch black and damp plus it smelt like booze and smoke.

"What are you doing"? I yelled as Nia pushed me onto a chair and tied my hands behind my back.

"This nutter talks to much". she sniggered grabbing a piece of cloth.

Before I could answer she tied it around my mouth gagging me.

"Perfect," she sniggered smacking me on the back.

"Let's leave tommo to settle in," she smirked.

With that she left the room. My heart started pounding surely she was bluffing. She wasn't. I heard a rustle of keys and her boots stomping away down the corridor.

I was alone and trapped in this cold dark room. I couldn't yell as I'd been gagged, I couldn't ring anyone as I had no phone, I was stuck.

The temparture seemed to drop a few degrees, as I realised I was stuck. Unless Harry won the fight they cobras could do what they liked with me. Plus I didn't really believe in Harry, much.


Yay I finally updated wooo. Sorry not very good chapter. And un edited so it's probably full of mistakes.



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