Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


14. Chapter 14 Talking it out


 Prue's p.o.v

My love for Harry seemed to come all at once, it was like I couldn't stop. I knew I shouldn't love him but I couldn't help it! I was back at the hospital before I could stop myself.

Harry hadn't seemed to moved, much since I'd last seen him. He was still huddled up in a ball staring out of the window in his own little world.

I walked up to him and peered at his face, a single tear dripped out down his cheek before he even looked at me. I grabbed his hand and gently wiped the tear away.

"I'm sorry Prue," He whispered moving his eyes away from the window.

"It's ok," I replied blushing a little.

"No it's not, I still don't think I can stop myself I should be dead," He yelled pounding his fist angrily against the wall.

"Of course you shouldn't be you might be able to live without me, but I can't live without you"!

I watched as a small smile crept onto his face. That was the first time in three weeks I'd seen him smile. Maybe Louis was right I was helping him.

Harry seemed more comfortable around me now. His hands weren't  screwed up in fist and he actually seemed happy. However as I held his hand I noticed self harm marks all up his arms.

He noticed me looking and quickly turned around shaking. I noticed every time I touched him since he came here, he seemed to jump a little.

"Look it's just me here tell me what's bothering you".

He was silent for a second but he eventually started talking. "I guess it's a mixture of everthing but mostly Dave".

"Your step Dad"?

He nodded, "you see we're always fighting each other and he keeps insulting me. At first they were pretty casual but they've got worse and worse, and ever since I've become really senstive his comments hurt more then ever, and when I get upset it just make's him laugh".

I couldn't believe  his step Dad was this horrible. Of course he was only part of the reason Harry was like this but he definetly not helping. Everyone else seemed to have given up on him except me. Maybe now was a good time to tell Harry I loved him.

Oh great here comes the soppy love part, where the princess annouces her love for the prince. Not that I'm a princess, more of a ugly pig and this isn't the princesses castle just a hospital.

( A/N warning people who hate lovey-dovey crap (a bit like me) might want to miss this bit out haha, joking you better read it I'm evil aren't I anway sorry for wasting 15 seconds of your life story continued on the next line!)

I took a deep breath and looked deep into Harry's eyes.

"Look Harry I-I," I stuttered.

"Yes," He said impatiently.

"I love you."

He was silent for a few seconds, almost as if he was frozen with shock by what I said. Just as I turned to leave he reached forward, grabbed a handful of my curly brown hair and gently kissed my lips.

This wasn't the first time Harry had kissed me, but it ws the first time he felt like he meant it. The other times he was doing to show off, but this time it was real!

"That felt good," I whispered as we broke away.

He smiled up at me, "so got any news"? He asked quickly changing the subject.

I wanted to hold this feeling for longer but he just seemed despearate to forget about it, he confuses me sometimes.

"Um One direction have got their first gig," I told him.

He grunted not seeming bothered. "What's it got to do with me"?

"You're part of the band you dick," I joked shoving him.

"Yeah like I can really go out and perform in this state!"

"I'll help you." I told him dragging him to his feet.

I walked over to the side of the room were all his clothes were ironed and neatly folded, (probably done by the nurses), I threw him a pair of jeans and a tee and told him to change.

He went into the bathroom swearing under his breath, about how this was crap and stupid, but he came back out looking a lot cleaner.

"Let's go then!" I grinned grabbing his arm.


"Out to town".

Harry' p.o.v

I wasn't sure about going outside it's not that I wasn't aloud to I just seemed to have developed a fear of it. Prue refused to believe it though it's weird, I think I love her everthing about her just seems perfect. But I acted like a dick just when we were getting romantic. Typical me.

Prue dragged me out of my room to the hospital entrance. I tried to get free but she still wouldn't let me go.

All of a sudden I was outside confronted with a cold breeze, and the smell of fresh air. After three weeks coped up this felt awesome.

"You ok"? She asked me.

"I'm good," I grinned as we walked down the street.

It felt awesome to just be outside again I'd refused to leave the room until now, but now I had maybe I could finally go home as long as Dave's not their, but that's the problem he is there!

I was still pondering this thought as we arrived at mcdonalds. Prue went to order while I went to sit down. I chose a table by the window, and looked outside.

On the other side on the street I could just make out, 2 boys and 1 girl picking on some other kid. I wasn't sure why but for some reason they looked familiar.

As the boy they were picking on fell to the ground in pain, I realised who they were. It was the cobra's my old gang mates what the heck were they doing here? They were arrested two months ago.

I flew out the door and ran over to them before Prue could stop me.

"Leave him alone," I yelled bending down next to the boy.

"Well, well Harry styles never thought I'd see you again," the girl called Nia smirked.

"Don't try and get me to re join the gang I've changed," I yelled picking up the little boy who looked about ten and telling him to go.

He didn't need to be told twice he rushed of like a rocket tears were still streaming down his face in terror.

"We don't need you styles," Nathan (one of the boys laughed) "meet our new gang member".

He grabbed some boy who was standing behind  the rest of them and placed his hand on his shoulder. I couldn't believe it, it was Louis.


Wow here comes another problem. So while one problems been fixed Harry going mental, another one's appeared Louis joining Harry's old gang. Btw this won't go on for very long this new problem just in case you thought I was going to drag this book on for ages.









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