Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


12. Chapter 12 Trying to end it all

A/N just remember guys this is a story none of the boys would do this in real life

 Harry's p.o.v

My first night on the streets, wasn't pleasant to say the least. First of all I lay down on a cold  metal bench outside of the locked up whsmith but then it started to rain, and I got soaked. By the time I'd found shelter it was 1am and I was cold, wet and shivering. I hated this, it was pure torture why do I keep messing everthing up? If I never stolen the cars, or hit Louis I   wouldn't be in this mess.

I needed money but I had none, i just needed a way to get it. By the next night  I felt sick and tired so I made my way to the local bar. Even though I wasn't eighteen the boy at the bar didn't seem to care, and served me the 2  shots that I ordered. I gulped them down quickly not even really tasting them.

I wanted to get drunk so I didn't feel so upset. Everthing was just going badly at the moment and I was sick of it.

I danced a bit and chatted up a few girls but there was still a big lump inside my throat.Just as I turned to leave, I noticed Louis and Prue walk inside. Fuck they were looking for me.

I turned round and ran to the back. For a second I suddenly thought, why was there any point of me living everthing was just going badly I should just end in all now.

Cars were roaring up and down the busy motor way behind the club, if I so much as stepped onto the road it would all be over in a single second.

My brain seemed to stand still for a second as I placed one foot on the road. I was sick of everthing two days on the streets and everthing that's happened before now feels like a century ago. Meeting Prue, having sex with her being arrested it felt like years ago. I could just end it all hear everthing.

I couldn't change who I was so why don't I do everyone a big favour and die.

As the traffic flashed past my face I took a deep breath before placing my other foot on the road. This time I was going to end it, I couldn't be an dissapointment it I was gone.

Prue's p.o.v

Louis and I had spent all of yesterday and all of today searching for Harry but there was no sign of him anywhere.

"Do you have any idea where he might be"? I asked leaning against a brick wall.

"No idea," Louis sighed ruffling his hair.

 His bruises were going down but it was going to take a lot longer for the memory to fade from his mind

"We'll have to tell the police if we can't find him," I muttered under my breath all thought I was determined it wouldn't come to that/

His bruises were going down but it was going to take a lot longer for the memory to fade from his mind.

He carried on walking for around about another hour. Until my shoes were killing my feet and Louis looked like he was about to faint with horror. The only place around was a pub it said 18+ but we were so hungry we were praying they would jus t give us some food.

"Excuse me," I called to the guy at the bar who looked so drunk that he could barely keep his eyes upn.

"What"? He grunted.

"Can we have two bacon rolls  and two packets of crisps, please"? I asked trying to order something cheap.

He threw us the food without even looking up. He then went bback to leaning on the table moaning.

"Charming," Louis muttered walking over to the dance area.

As we did I noticed a boy standing alone looking lost and bewildered. I knew that face anywhere it was Harry.

"Harry," I yelled running over to him.

He looked at me in alarm and turned to run towards the fire exit. I followed him, dragging Louis.

"Prue I'm trying to eat," He moaned.

"Look I just saw Harry, come on!"

We ran to the fire exit and pushed it open, just as Harry stopped and looked at the busy road in front of him.

"Ha-," Louis started but I cut him off.

"SShhh be quite," I hissed.

I thought Harry would start running again but he stayed there staring at the road, for what seemed like ages.

"What is he doing"? Louis whispered.

I shrugged I had no idea. Harry stood there for another few minutes before moving forward. I was confused for a second but then I realised he was trying to kill himslef. Was he crazy, I had no time to think though as I rushed forward and pulled him backwards before he could move any closer.

He started yelling and trying to go forwards but I held him back. He wouldn't calm down no matter what I tried. All he seemed to want to do was kill himself. I found in unbelivable this was the same boy that just a few days ago was that cheeky boy in class, the one who eyed up the new students who he thought needed help. But now he was the one who needed help.

In the end Louis had to dial 999 and wait to see, what was wrong with Harry....


Ahh not a bad chapter again. Sorry guys this is probably full of spelling mistakes but wants the books finished I'm going to auto correct the whole thing.

So if you guys have read my mumble about the chapters for the chapter names you'll proably know what's going to happen. SO what do you think of Harry trying to kill himself? Drama right?


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