Change Me {h.s} complete

"Sometimes, you have to fight for what you want in this world."
I was normal, clever and innocent. He was strange, mental and dark. But it's like they always say, opposites attract


10. Chapter 10 You will pay


 Louis p.o.v (bet ya weren't excepting that)

I watched as the police dragged Harry out of the room, I could feel gulit building up inside of me. I knew he'd stolen the cars he'd told me and that made me feel bad seeing as I was the reason he'd been arrested. Last night it just came out, I blurted it all out to my Mum and she was on the phone ringing the police before I could stop her!

Harry deserved to be arrested for what he'd done, but what were they going to do to him. Lock him up? Beat him?

"Wow that was um fun, "said Zayn in amazement.

"I can't believe Harry would do something like that," replied Liam.

I nodded bending my head downwards I couldn't stand the fact it was my fault! Me and my big mouth got Harry caught in this mess.


For the rest of the day I did nothing but worry. I couldn't concentrate on anything". In Chemistry I blew the whole flipping table up (I'm not joking). In maths the maths teacher tripped over my bag and she went flying across the room, and in History the flipping waste paper basket caught on fire as I tried to secretly light a ciggie.

"Today just hasn't been your day Lou," Liam laughed as we were getting our stuff from our lockers at the end of the day.

He continued blabbing on but I wasn't listen, I was to busy wondering if the police would tell Harry I was the one who snitched on him!

"So what do you think "? Liam finished.


He raised his eyebrows and told me the whole thing again. "That boy band, you, Zayn, Harry and I put together I asked Niall to join".

About a month ago Liam put together this band, along with Me, Zayn and Harry. We started off playing in his Dad's garage and had slowly moved to the dance studio  were my cousin does ballet. So far 'one direction' as we call ourselves hasn't got anywhere. But we're just about to upload our first cover on youtube. Fame here we come!.

"Liam it's not like One directions actually going to get anywhere," I sighed.

"You don't know that!" He protested. "You never know we might become the next Justin bieber".

We walked out of school together laughing but I still felt sick. Harry might have cheated on Prue but i was the one who sent him down. And for anyone who knows Harry as well as me, he won't go down alone....

Harry's p.o.v

"So Harry tell us what happened"?

I blinked in the sudden harsh light which had been shoved in my face. An cold dark glare of, one of the policeman looked back at me. Here I was being  asked questions about what had happened.

I hated the way there was no escape. I had two guards either side of me I was trapped. I took a deep breath and started to slowly answer his questions trying to stay calm, but failing.

"Why did you steal the cars"?

"Because my step dad wouldn't let me have my own," I muttered.

This was only half true I stole the cars because I just wanted to! I'd already been asked in the policecar, if I had some sort of stealing problem but I don't I just wanted the fricking cars. And I kind of wanted to make Dave angry, then he might finally leave.

"The boy who told us you stole the cars said you did it for fun."

"What boy"? I snapped anger building up inside of me.

The policeman got out a few papers and started looking throught them. He finally found the one he wanted and read out a name.

"Louis william Tomlinson".

Louis, Louis told on me! He wanted me to get arrested me his best mate. We've been through everthing together and he promised me when I told him about the stolen cars he wouldn't say anything but yet he's the one who babbled to the police. He is so dead, I'll beat that bitch to a pulp.

No more nice Harry this was war. I didn't give a fuck about Prue anymore well I guess I still had feelings for her but my best mate giving me up to the polcie this was worse!

A few seconds later there was a knock on the door. Before the policeman had time to open the door Dave came flying in, pratically knocking the policeman over.

"Harry Edward Styles, what the fuck is going on"! He demanded.

He was panting he was so out of breath, and his bloodshot eyes were gazing down on me. I didn't care about Dave though, I just had to get my hands on Louis.

As the policeman tried to calm Dave down a bit, I noticed the door was still open. I turned and ran.

"Come back here you little shit," Dave yelled.

I ignored him and carried on running. Endless policemen and woman turned and started running after my but I kept going I could see the exit up ahead.

Just as it looked like a policewoman was about to gravb me, I was at the exit. But I didn't stop running I kept going and going until I a good ten minutes away.

I lay against a wall panting for breath. My tshirt was sticking to my chest and I had a filthy taste in my mouth but I was safe. I had no where to go thought, Mum didn't get back from Canada for another two months and Dave would kill me if he found me.

None of that mattered to me thought, all I  cared about was getting Louis. As I staggered a few more meters down the road, I came across a park. And who should be in there but, liar Tommo.

"Time to pay Tommo," I muttered under my breath.

I ran over to him. He looked at me in panic before I grabbed his neck and  pulled his head back.

"Now you're for it Tommo".



Woo major plot change. So guys sorry if your confused I haven't read through it but basically Louis was the one who  told on Harry. Harry's at the police station, his angry stepdad comes in. Harry runs away to get Louis back and he finds him in the park and grabs him!

So I hope you like seeing the dark side of Harry. And that Louis cares about himself getting caught more than Harry. And for the first time Prue's not in it that changes think doesn't it. Dont' flap thought she'll come back




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