We Can Only Go In One Direction

Emerald Cowell is Simon Cowell's niece. So when her parents die, Simon happily takes her under his wing, and lets her go on tour with a certain world famous boyband...


1. Introducing Emerald Cowell...

Hi! I'm Emmy Cowell. People call me Emma though. My real name is Emerald, since when I was born, I had shocking green eyes, but I don't like that name, so that's why everyone calls me either Emmy or Emma. 

I'm seventeen years old and I live with my Uncle Simon. My parents died in a car crash, so Simon looks after my younger sisters Sapphire and her twin Ruby (eleven years old), my other younger sister Diamond (nine years old) and me, Emerald. If you haven't noticed, our parents named us after precious jewels. 

Sapphire and Ruby have curly blonde hair that reaches just past their shoulders and they both have dark blue eyes. 

Diamond, on the other hand, has long, straight black hair that reaches just above her waist and chocolate brown eyes. So I guess we are all different. Then there's me, the eldest, with dark brown hair that reaches just above my chest, falling in waves. I have emerald green eyes, which is where I got my name from.


Well. That's all I really want to tell you. Goodbye!



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