Young love ♡ is so funny

Tom and emma are in love but harry does not like the sound of this. Grace and jack Chloe and Austin are together and Millie is with harry but her heart want to be with connar !!!!! By Chloe


2. The party ♡

♡ It was summer and Austin and I had a big party,we played spin the bottle and Tom landed on Emma then it all stared!!! 



Emmas POV




We were playing spin the bottle and Tom landed on me, we had to do 7 minutes in heaven. At first we were going to say that we did have sex but we will not have sex , then we did have sex,  I send a text to Chloe that said "Hey can we stop playing, I'm starting to feel sick but don't come up ok bye xxx." She said its fine but I was not sick.. Can you guess what we were doing? 



Chloe's POV  


Emma sent me a text saying she is sick so we stopped playing  and when everyone went home!

they came out and went home. Austin's mum and step-dad went away with his little sister. So I spent the night there. In the morning we hopped in the pool and cleaned up before my BFFL'S came over and their boyfriends came too. We had a ball together because Emma, Grace and I were Best friends and Tom, Austin and Jack are too.



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