Young love ♡ is so funny

Tom and emma are in love but harry does not like the sound of this. Grace and jack Chloe and Austin are together and Millie is with harry but her heart want to be with connar !!!!! By Chloe


11. The end ♡

♡ It was the end of yr 12 yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Then after about a month or 2 Tom asked em to marry him well she said yes !!!!' Then about a yer later 👪 there have a baby. So that the end of there story 


after about 1 month after emma and Tom had a baby I got married and had a baby about 10 months later 👪. That's the end of my story 



after about 1 week after I had a baby grace got married and had baby about 11moths later 👪 the end of her story 



Millie and Connar got married and that's it for them 👫


As for harry well we are not sure 









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