Young love ♡ is so funny

Tom and emma are in love but harry does not like the sound of this. Grace and jack Chloe and Austin are together and Millie is with harry but her heart want to be with connar !!!!! By Chloe


6. The best friend ♡

♡ As Emma's BFFL'S she told us about it. Then 


Austins POV



i  called Chloe and said hey want to come over and help me babysit my little sister and she said sure I love her she Is soo cute. So when she came over after e gave Ella tea at 7:30 we put her to bed and since his mum and step dad were coming  back at 12 we can do what ever we wont to do so I said to you want to go in my bedroom and lay down well like Tom we had sex.




Jack POV



i asked if Grace want to come play minecraft with me she said yer be over soon,then we played for30 mins then she said do u want to have sex jack said yer if u want to so they did. 





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