Young love ♡ is so funny

Tom and emma are in love but harry does not like the sound of this. Grace and jack Chloe and Austin are together and Millie is with harry but her heart want to be with connar !!!!! By Chloe


1. How the love started ♡

♡ It all started in year six emma loved Tom and Tom loved her. Emma and I used to tease Grace because we thought she liked Jack, so when we went away with the school Tom asked emma out 3 times. The 1st time it was no but he wouldnt give up, the the 2nd time came and she said maybe, by the 3rd time emma Said yes they were so happy together. Then Austin asked me out I  said ok, then grace and jack got together at last.  Millie was still not happy she was not with Connar. When they got back to school there was a new boy Harry Styles every girl had to have him but not Emma, Chloe or Grace  but they became friends. Well Harry did not like the idea of Emma having a boyfriend that was not him. He hated Tom and he did not understand why, he is an easy guy to be friends with, so instead he asked out Millie to make Emma jealous but it did not work.

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