Long Time No Talk...

Two people that haven't seen each other in a long time..


2. Chapter 2

~Present time~

I walked around in the new high school I moving to. I was about to go to my locker but someone bumped into me so I fell on my ass. ''What the he- Wesley, Keaton is that you guys'' I said in disbelife. ''Shit. Whoaa Cholè long time no talk'' Wesley joked. We all laught at that until someone called my name. I turned to see that it was Allison and Dylan. ''Hey babe, Hansome'' I said winking at them. They started to laugh and I did to. ''C. we are going to a party later to night wanna dome with us?'' asked Dylan. ''yeah sure dyl. So how is my favorite boy?'' I said reffuring to his youger brother. ''Sick. He want's to see you and only you. You stole my little brother away from me'' He said fake sad. I laught and kissed hes cheek. ''Better now?'' I asked jokingly. ''Yeah. No take me to Demi Lovato and you are good'' He joked. I laught again be for I said '' Alli, Dyl this is Wesley and Keaton the two I kicked ass in call of duty for six years ago'' I said just to emberesd them. ''Hey you didn't tell us that you had play'd it before'' Keaton said diffensive. Me, Alli, Dyl, Wes and Kea laught at what Kea said.



Wesley's P.O.V.

*Two days later*

Cholè still look beautiful and I think I still like her. I just don't want to ruind our friendship because of somethink I feel. I took my phone out ad texted her:


To: SexyChloè;)

Meet me at the park. Now gotta talk to you about something importent. Wesless.xx


From: SexyChloè;)

Sure. What is the importent thing. I wanna know now.... SexyChloè.xx


Yeah she knew what she was called on myphone because Keaton said it to her by acsident. I just hope she feels the same way.


-At the park-

''Wes what did you want to talk about?'' she asked curius. I know she hate to not know things people is going to say to her. Well her we go. ''Cholè I have known you for over six years now and since the fisrt day I saw you I have had feelings for you, but I didn't wat to ruind our friendship but I can't ceep it in anymore because I want to hold you tight in my arms'' I said to her. ''Please say somethi-'' I got cut out by some soft lips on mine. She kissed me and I kissed back. I licked her bottom lip asking for promisen to explore her mouth. She open her mouth so I could explore in it.

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