Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


4. Walking around Plymouth with your idol

'Isn't it weird?' I asked Tom as we walked through the streets of Plymouth.   'Isn't what weird?' Tom responded with a question.   'Like, being recognised everywhere you go?' I answered him, as the girls who walked past us where making it obvious with the looks, stares and whispers to their friends, and the looks they were giving me was as if they hated me.. wow.   'Kind of.. It does really piss me off sometimes, as I can't really go anywhere, because it's certain someone will see me, they'll know who I am, I can't do anything..' Tom confessed. I guess, as I compete in the Olympics, this may happen to me, Tom's already been in the Olympics, he's been a world champion, people know him, they know what he does. I'd never competed in any Olympic Games before in my life, it's a big step. You don't know if it will make you, or break you.   'Sorry to interrupt, could I have a photo please?' A girl looked around about 14 walked over to us.   'Yeah sure' Tom smiled, as a woman who seemed like a mother took a photo of them.   'Thank you so much!' The girl thanked, before they both walked away.   'That's exactly what I'm talking about' Tom told me, adding a slight laugh.   'I see what you mean!' I stated. Me and Tom continued walking, until we found a quiet spot underneath a tree, where we happily sat, knowing we would be out the way from the public.   'So tell me about yourself then' Tom instructed. I strongly disliked talking about myself. But, it was only Tom asking.   'Ask me what you want to know!' I shrugged, I preferred it this way, so then I wouldn't tell him any irrelevant information that he didn't want to know.   'Okay then' he smirked, he was so cute, I could jump on him. 'Full name?' He asked.   'Madeleine Hopson'   'You're 18, right?'   'I am indeed.'   'When did you start swimming?'   'When I was about eleven.'   'Favourite food?'   'Cookie Dough, you?' We begin firing the questions back and forth.   'Ice cream. Favourite animal?'   'Ice cream?' I giggled, 'and horse, you?'   'Dolphin' He answered. 'Do you have a boyfriend?' He winked.   'No, do you have a girlfriend?' I smirked back.   'No' His smirk grew slightly wider.   'Then we're okay then, aren't we?' I winked at him, as I took my phone out of my pocket, to find the time, 16:08. 'Anyway, we best be getting back, I have packing to do!' I told him, as I pulled him up from the floor and began walking back to the life centre.   'Where are you going? I thought you only just moved in?' He asked.   'I have, but my Godmother doesn't want me to be on my own, so I'm moving in with her for a while, it's 10 minutes away from the life centre so I'm absolutely fine, I jumped at the offer' I smirked at him.   'Aaah, that's wonderful then! Is that who you were on the phone to before?'   'Yep' I answered, popping my 'p.' 'She lives by the pet place!' I told him.   'Oh yeah, I know where that is, you're in luck as I only live round the corner from it' he winked at me.   'Oh charming' I said sarcastically, but in a joking manner as we entered the car park. 'We part our ways then!' I told him.   'Do I get to see you again?' He asked me, a grin playing on his lips.   'Do you want to see me again?' I asked, biting my lip playfully.   'I'll take that as a yes then, call me' He winked, handing my a piece of paper with his number on.   'I'll make sure I do' I told him.   'See you then' He smiled at me, before he walked off towards his black mini.   Today definitely had been an interesting and very lucky day.
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