Diving for Survival

Maddy Hopson is a British swimmer training for the 2012 London Olympics. She meets Tom Daley and they fall in love. When Tom goes away to training camp their relationship is put to the test when his ex shows up! Tom is Diving for Survival but will they survive?


17. The question

Chapter 16

Maddy's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning, my whole body was aching. Our naked bodies still tangled in each others. I woke Tom up by placing wet kisses down his jaw line, which I received a smirk from him, indicating he was awake.

'Good morning beautiful' He grinned at me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

'Morning' I smiled at him, I couldn't help but giggle as I sunk my head into his neck.

'What?' Tom laughed, my hands resting on his bare chest.

'I love you' I told him, looking him in the eyes.

'I love you too' His lips curved into a smile, I smiled back at him, as last nights previous events flew around in my head. 'How are you feeling?' Tom smirked, giving me a cheeky little wink.

'My body is aching' I laughed.

'I'm sorry' He grinned. 'Let's take a shower' Tom suggested, as we climbed out of bed, and went into my en-suite bathroom, turning my shower on, enjoying each others warm embrace as we waited for the water to hit the right temperature, I caught my reflection in the mirror, my hair tied up in a messy bun, showing the numerous love bites on my neck, it was clear what we had been up too.

'Tom!!!!' I stated, shocked, but laughing slightly. 'What have you done to my neck?!'

'Sorry?' He smirked.

'It's alright' I raised my eyebrows at him.

'My back is aching' I told him, as we stood under the water, he didn't reply, he took some lotion in his hands from the side, warming it up in his hands, and massaged his way down my back, I let out a satisfying sigh as his hands worked there way on my back, he kissed my neck from behind as he did so.

'Anywhere else?' He asked.

'That's fine' I smiled at him, leaning my body into him.

'Are you sure?' I felt him smirk as his hands made there way around my waist. 'What about here?' He asked, as his hand massaged into my aching and throbbing centre.

'Ugh yes Tom' I moaned, opening my legs wider for him, picking my arms up and wrapping them around his neck behind me. 'Down a bit Tom' I moaned, he followed my command.

Half and hour later, we we all dried off and in fresh clothes, cuddling on the sofa, watching some crappy morning tv. I had straightened my long hair, bringing it round the front, making sure my love bites were hidden.

'What shall we do today?' I asked Tom, my hands wrapped firmly round my mug of tea.

'My cousins are down, if you want to go see them?' Tom replied to my question.

'Sure!' I smiled at him. 'Ooo, first time meeting everyone as 'your girlfriend" I winked at him.

'Yeah, you better get used to it' Tom told me, planting small, cute kisses on my lips.

When we arrived at Tom's house, his aunt and cousins where already there, his Aunt had just had a new born baby girl, so she brought her down to show off to the family. Tom had introduced to me to all the family, each one of them complimenting us both which I thought was adorable. Everyone was outside chatting and laughing away, while Tom's Aunt, Kristy, had asked us to keep and eye on Grace, the new born baby, as she was sound asleep in the living room, we gladly accepted.

'She's so cute' Tom stated, as she slept peacefully.

'I know, awww' I cooed of her, as me and Tom spoke quietly. There was a loud bang outside, which frightened her in her car seat as she started crying. Tom climbed of the sofa, and unbuckled her from the seat, and brought her to the sofa, which she eventually calmed down. 'Hello baba' I smiled at her, which I got a smile in return, as she kicked her legs about while she lay in Tom's arms. I stroked her cheek, her skin being all soft. Tom rocked her gently in his arms, which made her fall sound asleep again. He'd make an amazing father one day. Tom carefully placed her back in her car seat where she was originally in front of the fire. Her chest rising and falling as she fell into a deep sleep once again. Tom wrapped his arms around me as we watched her. 'Tom.' I called his name, in a serious but soft manner.

'Yes Maddy?' He asked, kissing my neck.

'I want a baby.' I told him, before taking a deep breath, dreading his response.

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